OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Baltimore Ravens trainer John Harbaugh delivered the text to Joe Flacco on Tuesday requesting him to come up to his office.

Harbaugh needed to tell the quarterback who led his team to a Super Bowl that he was not the ideal choice to win.

“I really don’t know whether it was the hardest dialog, as at both of our heads we’ve probably knew that the talk was arriving at some point,” Flacco explained.

When it was not the hardest conversation, it was undoubtedly the hardest decision of the 11-year conduct as Ravens head trainer of Harbaugh.

Harbaugh and Flacco have formed among the most successful coach-quarterback tandems in NFL history. In 11 seasons together, theyhigh level to three AFC Championship Games’ve won a superbowl and produced one season.

Harbaugh and Flacco’s legacies have been united like Tomlin and Brady, Belichick and Roethlisberger, and McCarthy and Rodgers.

Harbaugh’s announcement wasn’t simply about Staying with Lamar Jackson as the starter for Sunday or the Remainder of the season. This benching essentially signaled the ending for Flacco, who was by the negative of Harbaugh for each achievement he has needed with the Ravens in Baltimore.

“We don’t even create it on anything aside from football,” Harbaugh said this week asked if his close relationship gets the decision rougher. “We keep it simple. It’s football — & that ’s that which we’re here for.”

The business decision that is right has been for Harbaugh to keep starting Jackson.

Jackson has brought an energy that helped propel Baltimore straight back in the playoff hunt and end a three-game losing series. He has brought a identity to the offense, and he’s the crucial figure at a formula of a solid game paired with a dominant defense.

Jackson’s 336 racing will be the most by a quarterback in his first four starts from the superbowl era.

Harbaugh may have gone to Flacco, insisting his Super Bowl MVP provides Ravens the higher opportunity and offers experience. It would have been problematic for Harbaugh to stand in front of the players also say they are going straight back to Flacco (who won four of nine games) in the place of Jackson.

Harbaugh indicated that the 2 factors with all the quarterback decision were circumstance and time consuming. And by the Ravens were in the midst of playing their very best football jointly.

No body at the Ravens’ locker room seemed astonished by the decision of Harbaugh. The opinion has been this was merely a formality.

“[Flacco] understands injuries are a part of this game, and also the timing is regrettable,” left tackle Ronnie Stanley said. “He knows Lamar has done a excellent job”



The Ravens know very well what they’ve in Flacco. This is the definition of mediocrity.

Together with Jackson, there is more of the unknown. Runs can break. He stretch plays and can break away from a guardian from the pocket. There are growing pains, and also the hope is that he’ll cut down on his turnovers and slide more often to avoid injury.

Jackson won the job more than it was lost by Flacco. The wins and also the positives outweigh going straight back to the most successful quarterback in history.

“I think it’s the best thing,” Harbaugh said of his own decision. “My gut… I always hate to say ‘intestine. &rsquo, rsquo; Should you &;re thinking with your gut, really, is that really wise? So, how about my brain and my heart says, and my experience, this is the way to go.”


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