Jose Mourinho’s side lost 21 as the glaring of Paul Pogba overlook and Phil Jones’ own goal guaranteed they passed up a chance to high Champions League Group H.

United, who were assured of a place face Liverpool in the Premier League.

Fletcher said it would be”suicidal” to play an”open game” contrary to them.

“There were questions . It feels just like players who have to have some place to have return [and also haven’t established themselves] also it has kind of back to square one. It had been slow disjointed.

“They are not drilled to play Liverpool in a open game.

“It will soon be guidelines to play Liverpool’s half, overlooking midfield out. You will probably find Nemanja Matic and Marouane Fellaini and pace either side of Romelu Lukaku.”

‘I did not learn anything at all’


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