When conor-mcgregor jumped online and overcome Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205it delivered the lightweight division into a tailspin. The UFC was hit by planning an luck a champion in the absence of McGregor defending his name after McGregor vacated his belt to go chase a boxing megafight using Floyd Mayweather. Name struggles dropped and came together. An belt has been placed online after which vacated, and more valid contenders, even while accumulated at the peak of the 155 pound division. So when Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted McGregor at UFC 229, it had been supposed to become considered a return to normalcy for the UFC.

Alternatively, Nurmagomedov has embarked on a worldwide success excursion, meeting foreign dignitaries and performing charitable works. He has not shown any definite plans on if he’ll go back to defend his name and when his team really does speak of Khabib’s return, the ideas discussed are not top lightweight contenders but boxing matches together Mayweather or even superfights with Georges St-Pierre. While it hasn’t really been that long since Nurmagomedov defended his belt, then it is nonetheless annoying one of the 2 men who have to be in to get a title shot, Dustin Poirier.

Poirier recently voiced his frustration with all the holdup at the peak of the lightweight division, telling MMAJunkie that he “needs permission on exactly what ’s next”. He also took to Twitter to call out the other man waiting on a name shot, Tony Ferguson, so they can struggle instead of waiting on Nurmagomedov to go back.