The Philadelphia Eagles are concerned that reluctantly Carson Wentz won’t play on Sunday against the La Rams Due to a back injury and also have informed Nick Foles to be ready to play with , a source told ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

A source Schefter that the team”will understand more later now.”

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said Wentz would sit out Wednesday’s practice with back”soreness” and”tightness” and would not devote to Wentz playing Sunday against the Rams.

“We’re going to rest him continue to evaluate him and ensure he’s good,” Pederson said.

This isn’t the first time this season that Wentz has appeared on the injury report as a result of his back. He had been a player on successive Wednesdays in October, but this marks the first time he has missed a practice this season.

“Sometimes he just gets a bit tender, a bit tight, so we’re going to break him and evaluate him further,” Pederson said.

It had been just one year ago Monday that L-cL and also the ACL tore on the Rams in his left knee. The most important plot heading into this week has been Wentz’s go back to the L.A. Coliseum for the first time because the trauma to get a rematch against Jared Goff, that went first overall at the 20-16 NFL draft, one slot in front of Wentz.

It’s unclear whether he will be able to playwith. In case he can’t, superbowl MVP Foles will take the reins because the 6-7 Eagles try to keep their playoff hopes alive contrary to the 11-2 Rams.

“We’re going to concentrate on now, undergo now,” Pederson said when asked if there exists the opportunity Wentz misses this match,”and see where he reaches the end of the afternoon .”


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