Britain’s Anthony Joshua says he would like to fight WBC heavyweight winner Deontay Wilder at April and also has told the American:”I am running the game”

Joshua holds the WBO IBF and WBA belts as well as some other connection involving both could unify the heavy weight division.

Earlier this week Wilder, who drawn with Britain’s Tyson Fury at Los Angeles earlier this month, accused Joshua of “begging” for a fight.

“I am not enthusiastic about Tyson Fury – he isn’t the winner,” Joshua said.

The 29-year-old is to ensure that an opponent due to his next fight on 1-3 April in Wembley Stadium, with his promoter Eddie Hearn saying”it comes right down to exactly what Wilder would like todo”.

Joshua told ESPN:”I am prepared to fight Deontay Wilder on 1-3 April at London. I really don’t understand what more I need to do to get across that message. He is more interested in fighting with Tyson Fury. No world names are held by fury.

“I Have reserved the date beforehand, reserved the place beforehand. I’d like to get my point clear in front of every one – I am prepared to fight any one of the guys, notably the winner Deontay Wilder.

“I am the main one leading the package as I made my introduction. Five years , the match’m running. I am firm. I actually don’t understand what more I need to do to get that message across to the planet. I can manage my company and I am prepared to accomplish this at the ring”

Observing the draw between Fury and Wilder earlier this month the WBC declared a rematch.

Joshua’s promoter Hearn has previously engaged in failed discussions together with Wilder’s team.


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