Aston Villa Under 23s manager Kevin MacDonald has been”reassigned” out of his character after allegations of bullying by a former player.

Villa supported 5-8, MacDonald, will not be responsible for the team pending an independent investigation.

Ex-midfielder Gareth Farrelly so-called MacDonald was”relentlessly negative” for him being a youth trainer in the 1990s.

Former Aston Villa academy grad and Republic of Ireland international Farrelly, now a qualified solicitor, maintained MacDonald was”exceptionally competitive, with constant verbal and physical bullying”.

“It required me to an area at 20 that nobody should have to visit and I wouldn’t wish it upon anybody,” Farrelly told The Guardian.

Villa have referred the allegations to the authorities.

An investigation will commence and MacDonald has been temporarily reassigned to non-player-facing duties.

He has also been instructed to not comment on the allegations pending the investigation’s results.

MacDonald, a former double winner together with Liverpool being a new player in 1986, was previously assistant to Tim Sherwood and has twice been caretaker manager at Villa.

He had a brief spell as manager at Swindon Town in 2013.


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