Brandon Marshall captured 3 1 TD passes but never reached the postseason there. 

The”playoff game log” portion of Brandon Marshall’s stats page figures to remain untroubled.

The 34-year old wideout, who has played 178 regular season games with out emerged at the playoffs throughout his 13-season livelihood, was waived by the New Orleans Saints on Wednesday. If he neglect to land with a postseason competition, Marshall will remain around sports that never handled onto a Collection of gamers, or have yet to handle, to achieve the playoffs:

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Seasons played 16 (2002-09, 2011-18)

McCown has started 76 career games over his 16 seasons, not one in the playoffs. To be reasonable, McCown experienced the playoffs back in 2008, when he had been a copy to Jake Delhomme like a member of the Carolina Panthers. Otherwise, he’s been a starter or a copy on several terrible teams, including the present bad team (the Jets are 4-9) upon which he’s been a starter and copy.

Seasons played 14 (2005-18)

Jan. 3, 20-16 will be a day that lives in Fitzpatrick livelihood infamy. Starting at QB for the New York Jets that afternoon,’Fitzmagic’ had to engineer a triumph to Be Able to send the Jets. Instead, three INTs threw in a 22-17 loss’ fourthquarter. The Jets finished outside of the playoff money and 10-6.

Seasons played 1 1 (2007 17 )

“Joe Thomas’ 9684 straight shifts within the Factory of Sadness” was the headline ESPN’s 20-16 story about Thomas and his probable Hall of Fame career, spent toiling on a team that had little expectation of reaching the postseason in most of his 11 seasons. His very best chance came throughout Thomas’ rookie season of 2007 — that the Browns went but ended on the business end of the playoff tie breaker.

Butkus was including his rookie-year squad of 1965 that went but missed the postseason in a age as it had been tougher to create the playoffs, on a handful of Bears teams. The 1968 team just missed, with a 28-27 loss in the week storing out Chicago.

Unlike many on this checklist, Little did really experience a play off NearMiss — that the Hall of Famer never played a team that won a lot more than just 7 games. His closest call was that the 1973 team that went having a go at the AFC West to December but dropped down the stretch to finish 7-5-2.

See Butkus above. “The Kansas Comet” played just four completely healthy NFL seasons, and never made the playoffs in just about any one of them. Butkus and Sayers both stepped away early for a franchise that willn’t reach the playoffs again, in their livelihood due to trauma.

Seasons played 19 (1965-83)

Jenkins’ 267 wins will be the most ever by a Canadian pitcher, he won a Cy Young and made three NL All-Star teams, but had been victimized by a terrible fortune in the play off section. The Hall of Famer was traded from the Cubs into the reigning AL champion Boston Red Sox in 1976 — that the Sox did not get the postseason in both seasons there, although the 1977 team that won 97 games. After starting 29 games to the 1983 Cubs at age 40, Jenkins chose to retire watched because the 1984 Cubs reached the play without him.

Seasons played 19 (1953-71)

Like others with this checklist, Mr. Cub’s ability to get to the playoffs was endangered partly by the age in which he played with — it had been tougher for teams to produce the postseason throughout Banks’ livelihood. Having said that , the Banks-era Cubs were awful. He didn’t play a winning team until his 11th year in the majors, when his 1963 team was 82-80. The Cubs could finish five games back of the Pirates at the NL East — although gave his chance to Banks.

Seasons played 15 (1960-74)

See Banks above. The nine-time All-Star and Hall of Famer never made close throughout a era of Cubs baseball to the postseason. The ideal team that both Santo and Banks played (which additionally included Fergie Jenkins), the 1969 club that won 92 games under Leo Durocher, had been nine games up in the NL East on Aug. 16 but lost 18 of its final 26 games and ended 8 games back from the streaking Mets in the NL East.

Seasons played 14 (2001-14)

This one might have a bit of an asterisk depending on your interpretation — Dunn was a part of the 2014 A’s team that reached the AL wildcard, but did not play that match (a loss to the Royals) and hence never appeared in a postseason competition. The slugger, that hit 462 home runs and forced all star teams together with both the Reds and White Sox, had near-playoff contrasts with the 2008 Diamondbacks (finished two games back in the NL West) and 2012 White Sox (finished three games back in the AL Central).

Seasons played 14 (2005-18)

Hernandez has racked up 168 career wins, six all star appearances and a Cy Young, but has never been on a team that won 90 games. The 20-16 and 2014 Mariners clubs that ended just out of the wildcard currency have been the closest play off of Hernandez calls.

Seasons played 1 2 (1966-77)

A three-time All-Star with the Royals (1970-72),” Van Arsdale has the distinction of playing in the most career NBA games (929) without appearing in the postseason. Particularly cruel was that the fate of the 1967 68 Royals, that missed the playoffs at the Detroit Pistons’ cost — who had traded Van Arsdale into the Royals in February of the season.

Seasons played 8 (2011-18)

Cousins was in a play off team with the 2017 18 Pelicans, but the season-ending Achilles’ tear he suffered in January of this season negated his playoff introduction. Presently a member of the Warriors, a healthy Cousins appears to be more likely that spring to get his first taste of the postseason.

Petrie, the 1970-71 co-NBA Rookie of the year together with Hall of Famer Dave Cowens, has the most career points per match (21.8) to get a player who never appeared in a play off match. Petrie’s career was cut short by a knee injury that forced his retirement.

Seasons played 5 (1982-87)

Like Petrie, Kellogg’s career was less by talent-related things (he dropped 18.9 points per match in his 5-year NBA livelihood ) and much more by accident. Knee problems shortened the last two seasons of NBA livelihood — that the Pacers made the playoffs from Kellogg’s final season (1986-87), but Kellogg had been confined to four games that season and retired the following August.

Seasons played 1 2 (1970-81)

Charron’s 734 games with out a cursory look will be the most in NHL history — a circumstance for a person who composed for two of those franchises in the history of the game. Heart-breaks added the 1972-73 Red Wings, that went a good 37-29-1 but ended two points back from the Sabres in a East.

Seasons played 9 (2011-19)

Skinner’s eight seasons in Carolina failed to come with a cursory look, but the 2010-11 Calder Award winner looks like a great bet to get rid of his postseason drought. Skinner has been traded to Buffalo in Carolina in August, and the Sabres (18-9-3) currently have the third-best record in the East.

Seasons played 9 (2007-16)

Without appearing at the postseason, smid played – he had been a member of the 201415 Flames team that reached the playoffs, but had been sidelined by a neck trauma that helped derail his NHL career. The prior first-round draft choice currently plays in the Czech Republic.


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