WBC, WBA, Lineal Middleweight World Champion
Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) and WBA Super Middleweight World Champion Rocky Fielding (27-1, 15 KOs) hosted a their final press conference now at Madison Square Garden before their 12-round super middleweight struggle. The conflict will occur Saturday, Dec. 15 at the aforementioned Madison Square Garden in New York City and you will soon be streamed live on DAZN — which, at only $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial, means new subscribers to DAZN will enjoy the complete Canelo vs. Rocky fight night at no cost.

They were united by David Lemieux (40-4, 34 KOs), Tureano Johnson (20-2, 14 KOs), Sadam “World Kid” Ali (26-2, 14 KOs), Mauricio “El Maestro” Herrera (247, 7 KOs) and lots of other fighters out of the undercard.

Below is exactly what the fighters had to mention at today’s final press conference:

CANELO ALVAREZ, WBC, WBA, Lineal and Ring Magazine Middleweight World Champion:
“I’m very Pleased to be at Madison Square Garden. It’s only yet another narrative, yet another fantasy and this period of my livelihood with DAZN. I’m happy and also I ’m motivated. Lots don’t even give the credit that he deserves but for he , a reason ’s a global champion. I understand who he’s, I’t trained very hard, I understand. I understand that I have a tough fight but I like challenges and I understand rsquo we & . I’m. ”

ROCKY FIELDING, WBA Super Middleweight World Champion:
“it ’so great to be here. I was here years ago, sitting right at the top over there, watching a Knicks game, needing to struggle here. I ’t put a lot of workin, I’t had a good deal of setbacks, and here we are. It’so amazing. I’m looking forward to it I rely on myself. I’m here as a champion, also that’s exactly what winners do — they triumph, plus they shield. This is a superb opportunity and also I ’m. ”

JOSE “CHEPO” REYNOSO, Manager and Trainer of Canelo Alvarez:
“ s Madison Square Garden, be prepared because Canelo is forthcoming to conquer you and to create in the narrative of MSG. ”

Every time that the fighter moves up in weight, the fighter needs to experimentation just how he’s going to feel. Fielding can be a strong fighter, so he’s a fighter, but more than anything else ’s, rsquo & he;s a global champion. We understand we have a compromise beforehand and that I ’m accepting the responsibility to be certain all of the important points are covered off on. I only hope that this Saturday, Mexico is excited for Canelo to become three-division world champion. We’that this Saturday ve excited for him to join with the history of Mexican boxing. ”

And Rocky Fielding ensured he was ready if he got the phone call for a world title with five weeksrsquo; notice. It came for him personally at the ideal time. And if we got the demand the Canelo struggle, he took it. There’s weight divisions because of this. Canelo is applauded by me, I respect his is and his tenacity to attain greatness. But it’s all about time. I only feel that this is the right time for Rocky Fielding. He’s at a place physically and mentally. And that I ’m awaiting shocking the planet and bringing a large upset. ”

I was here three decades ago at a unification fight with Golovkin. It didn’t even prove how I wanted it over the years, I’t learned lots of. I believe I’m at my summit. The greatest years are yet to come for me. Saturday night will be a step towards that. I promise every one a fight. Tureano Johnson can be really a great fighter, but we’t trained extremely hard for him so we don’t even have some openings at the ring. No matter he brings forward, I’ll treat it. ”

TUREANO JOHNSON, Middleweight Contender:
“it ’s going to be a thrilling night. I’m so enthused, I’m ready m energized. I admire Lemieux. I’ve got a good deal of respect because of him personally. You guys can get an great fight. I’m going visiting make it. Come Saturday night, theyrsquo;will see a different Tureano — even a much fighter that is more intelligent. ”

Sadam is really a superb fighter but I put on a series that is excellent also. The both of us is going to be a struggle to remember. ”

I’m. This is really a struggle that is big, Every struggle is a struggle that is big. There’s beats fighting at home, nothing. It doesn’t even have to happen every time but I & rsquo; m enthused also I & rsquo; m ready if it does. ”

For some reason I thought it’d be a square…it’s not really a square. Apart from that, I’m only happy to be here. ”

I know [rsquo & Eva;s] a wonderful competition and also a fighter that is fantastic. I only can&rsquo. ”

It’another opportunity m among those best on the planet. ”

I’m likely to kick it off. ”

RYAN GARCIA, light weight Prospect:
&ldquoWe had two months of nonstop work, really focused, now I’m only ready to place on my very best performance at Madison Square Garden. What better location than Madison Square Garden? I’m only prepared to establish and show rsquo;ve ever been improving and exactly what I’m going to bring ahead. ”

OSCAR DE LA HOYA, CEO and Chairman of Golden Boy Promotions:
“Ladies and gentlemen — pay-per-view is dead. I’m so happy to announce that on Saturday night, Dec. 15, Canelo Álvarez will undergo a lot of firsts: his first struggle in the mecca of boxing at MSG, the first fight of the historic contract together with DAZN, his first time travel to the 168-pound weight class because he looks to make history as part of a little list of Mexican fighters to be three-division world champion. ”

“Rocky, with the very recognizable first name in every one boxing, can turn to make the most of this ability of a lifetime. ”

“If you can’t even to the Garden, then you always have the option to download the program DAZN. And we have been pleased to have been able to strike a deal in sports generally although in the sport of boxing — not just with visionaries. For me, it’s a moment to talk about payperview being dead as my livelihood was built on payperview, but that this platform is believing about the fans. This particular fight, Canelo vs. Rocky, you are going to be able to down load DAZN for free for one month and also see that historical nighttime where Canelo Álvarez should be able to showcase his talents and struggle a bigger guy, a heavier guy, a more powerful guy, a champion, who fights at 168 lbs. So if you want my opinion, I presume thatrsquo;s a wonderful thing. ”

“Thanks you HBO for each the memories. Through the years, you have become a genuine leader …however rsquo & there;s a new kid on the block and his name is DAZN. ”

BERNARD HOPKINS, Future Hall of Famer and Golden Boy Promotions Business Partner:
“Everything I’ll state to everybody else is take this possibility, even Canelo and Rocky, to set your DNA from the foundation of the amazing mythical MSG. Enjoy the battle. DAZN is here. Enjoy the struggle and prepare for 20-19. ”

JOE MARKOWSKI,” Executive Vice President, DAZN North America:
“In parts of the twentiethcentury, the heavyweight champion was one of the most well-known man on the planet. But then something shifted. Payperview. Boxing became among the only real sports to take its own minutes and send them to lowest audience potential. Saturday night is this kind of landmark and that & rsquo; s. Canelo Alvarez’s king will become the first king of sports streaming. This struggle is not 75 or even 100 dollars. Canelo-Rocky is liberated on DAZN for subscribers. ”

“we invite all to join us and This is only the start. It’so simple. Just like you would with Netflix or even Hulu, you download our program, register up and see excellent content on most of the devices of your room. ”

EDDIE HEARN, Managing Director of Matchroom Sports:
“I recall Eric Gomez calling me up and asking if Rocky Fielding want to struggle Canelo Álvarez. Not once did he inquire about the income. It was a yes. This really can be all to Rocky Fielding. This is the ability of a lifetime, to come to MSG and defend his world title against Canelo Álvarez. I believe he’s going to offer Canelo Álvarez what he has and everything he will deal with. ”

“DAZN can be actually a game-changer for its area of boxing. Normally U.S. struggle fans would need to set their hands in their pockets for about $80, $100. Is it a wonderful deal for fans in terms of price, but also production is top shelf. ”


Tecate, & ldquo sponsors the big event;rdquo, & BOXING’S BEER; Hennessy “Never Cease. Never Heard,” & ldquo & Fred Loya Insurance;Miss Bala. ” The event will happen Saturday, December 15 at Madison Square Garden in new york and you will soon be streamed live on DAZN — which, just $9.99 per month after a one-month free trial, means new subscribers to DAZN will enjoy the complete Canelo vs. Rocky fight night at no cost. Watch the show premiere of rsquo & DAZN;s original episodic program, THE JOURNEY: CANELO/ROCKY, including Canelo Alvarez and Rocky Fielding prepare for their historical show down, to move behind the scenes.

About DAZN:
Globally, DAZN can be actually a live and ondemand sports streaming service created by fans, for fans, that is leading the charge to give use of sports anytime, anywhere. DAZN guarantees no long-term cost just one price for use of most of the service’s sports devices including smartphones Smart TVs, tablet computers, consoles and PCs. DAZN is currently for sale in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Italy now the U.S. just $9.99 per month after a one-month free-trial — where it is defined to become must-have service for most fight fans, with 100+ struggle nights already lined up from Matchroom Boxing, Bellator MMA, the World Boxing Super Series, Combate Americas and the newly announced Golden Boy Promotions.

Photo ID Processing is essentially with this struggle. Photos can be taken at the struggle centre hotel, the Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel at 218 W. 35th Street, at the Fourth Floor Conference Room during most normal business hours beginning Wednesday, also at a few of the most significant events at the struggle week schedule. Waiting before Saturday to own your photo taken will delay becoming your credential that is finished.

Tickets could be purchased at the Madison Square Garden Box Office, all Ticketmaster outlets, Ticketmaster charge by phone (866-858-0008) as well as on the web at www.ticketmaster.com, www.goldenboytickets.com or even www.MSG.com.

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