By Allan Fox: Saul Canelo Alvarez is moving up to the 168 lb Department this Saturday night to take on Rocky Fielding for his WBA super middleweight title at Madison Square Garden in New York. It’rsquo & s Canelo;s and his final fight at 168. Although you will find plenty of fighters in the weight class who want to know more about fighting with the 5 & rsquo; Prime & 8; Canelo, at which his lack of size is less of an issue for him personally, ” he wants to go down to 160. Canelo (50-1-2, 34 KOs) wants a knockout of Fielding (27-1, 15 KOs) so that he can sow the fans that he can beat guys larger than himself.

It’s a huge deal for Canelo that he’s fighting for a division world title. He’d like for the success to be a memorable one, also now there ’s no better way to do this.

“This ’s the danger. To be moving up in weight to resist some one who’so usedto fighting with stronger fighters, used to shooting stronger cries,” Alvarez thought to Omnisport. “” I understand the challenge but I like the battle and that I ’m glad for it. ”

Canelo might have taken the remaining of the year away to enjoy his success over g gg, but he made a decision to get back into the ring to battle Fielding for his WBA secondary super middleweight title at Madison Square Garden. Canelo doesn’like this the oddsmakers are overlooking Prime & the bigger 6 & rsquo; 1 t ; Fielding and making him a big underdog. Canelo sees the struggle as a one, and also a struggle which may end when heor even rsquo;s not on his a game on Saturday.

“Perhaps many don’t give the credit to Fielding that he deserves, however, he is a global champion for reasons,” Canelo explained. “” I understand the challenge that I have in me. I like this challenge, although I understand I have a tough struggle. ”

Canelo is fighting with a guy in 6 & rsquo; Prime & 1; Fielding. The fighter gets close to no pressure on him coming into the struggle since he’s a significant underdog with the bettors. Almost everyone but himself has written off fielding. He knows he’s ’s moving up in facing the 28-year-old Alvarez, but he doesn’t care. Fielding wants to test himself against the best. There are certain guys at 168 which Canelo would likely not need to tangle with. You never understand, although fielding has been deemed safe for Canelo. What seems like a harmless choice for your Mexican celebrity could turnout to be quite a nightmare because of him personally.

Fielding is coming out of a career best win over Tyron Zeuge in stopping him in the 5th July.

It & rsquo; so difficult to know for certain how a struggle is going to wind up when a fighter moves up in weight. Canelo’s promoter Oscar De La Hoya won world titles in 130, 135, 140, 147, 154 and 160, also started out his career in feather weight. However, De La Hoya ran into problems when he fought Bernard Hopkins at middleweight. De La Hoya found out that he lacked the real size to overcome Hopkins. The 5’Prime & amp; 8; Canelo’so situation is even worse compared to 5’Prime 10 1/2 &; De La Hoya, since he doesn&rsquo.

With the punishing blows Canelo shot against Golovkin in his two fights, he’s going to should minimize the shots he takes against Fielding on Saturday.

“Winning by KO is always something which one wants and what one actively seeks,” Canelo explained.

Unfortunately a knock out is the manner he & rsquo; s going to get credit for beating at Fielding. The cause of this is Fielding isn’t. He & rsquo; s not regarded, although he & rsquo; SA global champion. His promoters in Golden Boy Promotions and canelo have now been doing a fantastic job of building Fielding up, but the fact of the situation is rsquo & that the boxing universe doesn;t rate him being a champion. The boxing fans don’t understand who Fielding is in the U.S, therefore he’s no different in any obscure competition or journeyman level fighter which Canelo might have fought.

Canelo wants to be looked at by beating Fielding on Saturday night to turn into three-division world champion, but he & rsquo; therefore are not going to get that charge, as having accomplished something special. Fielding is seen as no different in past over-matched opponents that Canelo has scrapped like Alfredo Angulo, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Amir Khan, James Kirkland and Liam Smith. That’s why it’s advisable for Canelo to struggle some body that is considered to be a talent in any division. It’d have been better for him to have plumped for WBA & lsquo; Super World & rsquo; super middleweight champion Callum Smith In case Canelo wished to acquire a world title at middleweight. Beating Smith would provide Canelo a large amount of admiration .

“I am aware I have a tough fight but I like challenges and I understand people all ’re going to get history. I’m. ”

It might be hard to get Canelo if Fielding is able to make use of his size and struggle to the surface. In case Fielding gets close, Canelo might counters into oblivion him, and which would be bad news for the British fighter. He’s got boxing skills, but he’so not cut out to be fighting close against a counter puncher like Canelo. It’s difficult to reach Canelo with head shots, and Fielding can be a head hunter first and foremost. He’ll need to allow him to be able to land his shots against the 26, to improve that on Saturday night. Golovkin surely could land a few headset shots late in his two struggles with Canelo, however, he couldn’t lay a glove on him early on.

Canelo comes into the struggle with Fielding with only one loss on his record by his defeat at the hands of Floyd Mayweather Jr. five years ago in 2013. Although boxing fans feel that Canelo deserved losses and in his games against Austin Trout and Erislandy Lara, ” he ’s been able to acquire without losing. It’s difficult to overcome Canelo. Heor rsquo;so popular in the USA, also you also can assert that counts for four or five rounds off the bat over the score cards right. T get yourself a determination on Canelo it might be a waste of effort for Fielding to beat on him from that path if a popular fighter like g gg might & rsquo. When he wants to beat him fielding may have throw a great deal of powers go to war with Canelo, rather than allow him to obtain yourself a moment of rest. If the struggle would go into the scorecards Fielding will wind up as the loser. Heor rsquo;s going to have to go from start after Canelo into the sour finish, and ensure the judges don&rsquo. He needs to KO Canelo In case rsquo Fielding doesn &; t want to find yourself like g gg.


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