From Sean Jones: GoldenBoy Promotions head Leader Oscar De La Hoya is predicting a knockout for his flagship fighter Saul Canelo Alvarez (50-1-2, 34 KOs) over WBA World super middleweight champion Rocky Fielding (27-1, 15 KOs) That Saturday night on DAZN at Madison Square Garden in New York. While De La Hoya asserts it’s definitely going to be an easy match for its 28-year-old Canelo, who’s coming off of easily the toughest fight of his career at his rematch with Gennady Golovkin past September, he sees his Mexican start quitting the British boxer Fielding at the 9th or 10th round on Saturday night.

Since there are a lot of big fights available for him personally in 2019, it & rsquo; therefore essential to De La Hoya which Canelo perhaps not lose this fight and slide on a banana peel.

“I’m not encouraging this fight [Saul Canelo Alvarez vs. Rocky Fielding] whilst the most difficult, nonetheless it’s ’s definitely not only going to be easy and simple,” De La Hoya thought to TMZ relating to that Saturday’s fight between WBA ‘routine ’ super middleweight champion Rocky Fielding and Canelo. “Canelo moving up in weight, it’s going to be rough.

He says he’s going to utilize that as something to help induce him to success over the younger 5 & rsquo; 8 & Prime; Alvarez and energize him. 6 & rsquo; 1 & Prime, fielding;, will have a burden advantage also, and likely a large height advantage. It ’t thick Canelo comes into the fight, he’therefore going to be an all 180+ pound fighter like Fielding. The guy with the bigger framework will likely be Fielding however much majority Canelo has included with his framework at a short period of time since his contentious 12 round majority decision win over GGG in their second fight three months ago on September 15 at the tmobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. In case Canelo could ’t even onto Fielding, he’s going to need to depend on winning rounds by landing just a little handful of shots rather which lands more cries. That’therefore just how Canelo won rounds against Golovkin. The judges gave greater value for his 1 3 hard drives landed which Golovkin connected with, although canelo was less busy as GGG in shots. At the 2nd Canelo-GGG fight rsquo, Golovkin wasn &;t even shooting lots of power shots, however the ones he did associate together do damage to Canelo. The Mexican celebrity was hurt at the 10th and 11th rounds by right hands from GGG.

“As I’ve my hands in my pockets, then I’m crossing my fingers. “I just saw that fight yesterday, and I was thinking about Canelo-Rocky.

Fielding gets got the capability to change rsquo a fight . Fielding was getting out-boxed and outworked at the first four weeks from the Zeuge, however he then turned it on with a blizzard of power shots in the round and forced a stoppage. He also forced Zeuge to pay upward once Fielding started sculpting together with his power shots, and then he then preceded to bludgeon him. The manner that Fielding was rsquo, wasn & bumping of hitting power shots at the 5th against Zeuge in the mind. Something had to give, and which has been Zeuge. Since Canelo likes to fight the ropes thanks to his bad stamina, we’ll likely see him to that on Saturday night on a frequent basis. You are able to ’t even know without a doubt when his conditioning problems that has plagued him his complete 13-year expert career have been fixed by Canelo.

Against Golovkin in their rematch past September, Canelo’s stamina looked completely different from most of his other struggles. Canelo never got tired for a moment. It was just like watching a completely different fighter. It’s unclear what Canelo did to improve his conditioning. Whatever it was, he should have done a long time ago. Canelo has ever been after four or three punches throw, a fighter which needed frequent rest breaks. Canelo’s face could turn red rsquo;d start and he’d want to retreat to the ropes. In the rematch with GGG, we didn&rsquo. He never got tired, and he didn&rsquo. Canelo passed all the drug tests following the fight, therefore no one indicate he got extra help to increase his stamina and can point fingers at him. It only appeared to be Canelo had worked for its fight with Golovkin a good deal more cardio than he had before. Being at shape may not be enough for Canelo to conquer Fielding. The height and reach are currently going to a problem for Canelo. He’ll need to discover a means to get to property his shots he’ll be picked apart by the substantially bigger Fielding from the surface.

“People are talking much in regards to the size difference, also I have to make that one factor on Saturday,” Fielding said. I’ve been for Quite a While Super Middle Weight. I create the burden well and he’therefore upgrading. I perform better everybody else is against me and once I the underdog . I thrive on that.

By fielding being an all natural super middleweight, he could be helped at a major way on Saturday. Canelo is thought to weigh between 175 and 180 lbs for his fights. He also doesn&rsquo therefore bulked up too much for this particular fight. Even when Canelo does majority up heor rsquo;therefore are not likely to have the framework to hold that weightreduction. If such a thing, rsquo & Canelo wills hurt;s cardio, and induce him to require a whole good deal of rest breaks from the ropes like he’s done in his struggles. Fielding re-hydrates to 185 lbs at middleweight. Because of framework that is large and his height, Fielding conveys the 180+ weight effortlessly. He’s made to be big. He’s perhaps not someone that bulked up to get to 185. In fact, Fielding looks at 185 because of his elevation. Fighters that elevation normally weigh close. Fielding is slim at that, also 180 + ’s going to help him with his conditioning on Saturday night.

Then you could bet the boxer certainly can welcome it and will be all set for that, In case Canelo decides he wishes to come at Fielding at a similar manner he did GGG. Unlike the Canelo-GGG two fight, Canelo won & rsquo; t even surprise if he is attacked by him, Fielding. Fielding has already see the 2nd Canelo vs. Golovkin fight, therefore he’therefore going to be more amazed when he sees the Mexican fighter come forward appearing to strike him. Golovkin was unable to adapt after him surprises by being aggressive at the rematch. G gg never understood the importance of being seen by earth being given by the judges . Fielding isn’t even planning to provide earth. So if strike on Saturday night and Canelo wants to come, he’therefore going to must be prepared to take care of an force in his path. Is always to injure him together with his or her shots. Ever since then there ’s a difference in arm length between the two fighters, Canelo might need to find a method for him to get in close enough to land his punches that are briefer. Canelo might need to walk through lots of thick shots to get close enough to land his punches.


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