“They have champions around there,” Durant said after a 113-93 loss to the Raptors on Wednesday night at Oracle Arena.” Danny [Green] and Kawhi [Leonard]. They have a wonderful mix of veteran and younger players. That team’s leaders were through a few wars, although they have a new trainer.

“Therefore I wouldn’t call them a youthful team or say them beating us two times is going to provide them with extra confidence. They’ve been ballin’ before that, plus they’re likely to be ballin’ when they beat on us. Therefore that they’re not an team. They are here”

The Raptors swept the season series by the Warriors, doing this. A losing streak snapped in Oakland, the greatest road losing streak against a opponent in company record, based on Information and ESPN Stats.

The Raptors’ defense was on point during the night contrary to a healthful champions group which could never obtain a rhythm, to place the defensive operation in view, the 9-3 points that the Warriors believed were the fourth-fewest they’ve ever shopped when Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson and Durant have all played together. Curry, who was named the Western Conference Player of the Week, scored just 10 points and moved from the field.

“They have a little bit of what,” Curry explained. “Athletic wings and bigs which could shoot 3s and put the ball onto the floor. We know Kyle Lowry is just a fantastic player. Obviously, when Kawhi plays with we realize what he’s about, but just pretty well-rounded, and so they’ve shown styles that are different to win games. They were the superior team and everybody seemed to own confidence and has been playing off each other . And on our endwe just didn’t contain it”

Coaches and the Warriors players all gave the Raptors charge plus they realized that they weren’t matching the seriousness which the Raptors played with. Warriors coach Steve Kerr knows that as his group attempts to acquire its third straight title, there will be nights once the group simply gets beat by a much superior opponent on that night. Wednesday night was certainly one of those nights to get a championships band who remains calm and confident in the fact as soon as the bright lights of the NBA playoffs hit after in the year, they will be ready.

“We are currently in a place where we’re protecting a name and defending form of a mantle, which we’ve needed for a number of decades, and it’s a different vibe,” Kerr explained. “It’s another sense than once you are on the scale like Toronto is, like Milwaukee is, as we were a several years ago. It’s a sense, it’s an alternative vibe. It’s more difficult to get up for every game, and so there are nights you don’t have that energy, also it is understood by you if you played in this league, you’ve coached in the NBA. When you’ve followed closely, that is understood by you. It’s not a reason, it’s simply facts. So we didn’t bring the required energy”


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