Gambling chiefs say they have been”reacting to general concerns” after affirming strategies to efficiently prohibit tv gambling advertisements during pre-watershed live game.

A week ago, BBC Sport reported Britain’s largest gaming companies had agreed a”whistle-to-whistle” advertisements ban.

The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has confirmed the ban, which will begin in 2019.

Pressure that is political is followed by it about the sum of betting advertising.

No advertisements will be shown before 21:00 at the UK during live game coverage including horseracing and greyhound racing transmissions.

“We feel this is itself a landmark second as we make an effort to offer the ever safer gaming environment which gaming consumers and the wider public expect, and which can be really very crucial to the future success and longevity of our industry,” IGRG chair John Hagan stated.


BBC sports news correspondent Richard Conway

The businesses took decisive action in banning commercials that were betting before the 21:00 watershed.

Might it be enough? Many have pointed to the amount the bookies spend with marketing. Shirt sponsorship of teams, midsize advertising and putting their own name to cup and league competitions are also unaffected.

Nevertheless, politicians and the public have welcomed the measures restricting TV advertisements alike.

Perhaps conscious of how government acted in eventually legislating to lessen fixed odds betting terminals at book maker shops’ huge stakes, the industry has made the first move.

Their hope is they’ll be seen as partners that are responsible – and stave off future or present authorities tripping any measures .


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