Undefeated WBO super middleweight champion Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez (38-0, 25 KOs) and No. 1 rival Jesse “Hollywood” Hart (25-1, 21 KOs) have been here ahead. The two fought in September of this past year, with Ramirez via tight hierarchical choice.

At Wednesday&rsquo press conference that is final, that really is just what the fighters had to express.

Gilberto Ramirez

On the Hart fight

“I ruled that struggle. This struggle will be no different. It will be just 1 side. My side. ”

On returning to Corpus Christi, at which he pumped out Habib Ahmed in February

“rsquo & I;m pleased to return in Corpus Christi. I started the season in Corpus Christi, and I want to finish the season with a knock out, too. I hope everyone enjoys it. ”

On a Canelo Alvarez fight

“also he needs to be at Rocky Fielding and I need to overcome on Jesse Hart. Mexican , everybody would love to see that. If he wins and I win, let’s do it! ”

Jesse Hart

On getting revenge against Ramirez

“because we corrected that the tiny mistakes which didn & rsquo; t even go the first time, Matters will be different. I think with the mistakes which trainer Fred Jenkins corrected with me personally, and now being on that point and onto that platform, in my opinion you will observe a big change in the outcome. ”

“It means everything for my daddy. We never dreamed of nothing but being a global champion As I said, as I have started boxing, my dad. I’m very impressed by this opportunity I have and blessed. I’m going to head around and put on the finest performance I can to bring home the success. ”

Manuel Lopez

On battling since the co-feature

“It’s the fact, for sure, and a enormous boon I’m going to be right before my man here, Jesse Hart, makes it a whole lot better. We went to school with them, therefore it makes it an even better opportunity. I’m very, very joyful. ”

On what it will take to overcome Barboza

“It’s going to take work as it’s already been. Devotion Work, and it will happen on Friday night. His birthday present is going to function as first ‘L.’” (Barboza’s birthday was Dec. 9)

On battling since the event and fighting for a domain in 2019

&ldquoWe just put our thoughts and train. Wersquo;d been planning for a struggle in November, that got transferred to December. We’ve been training since our final struggle ( a KO success August 25 against Luis Solis). I wand to thank Best Rank for giving me the ability. I believe like that I ’Id passed each test which they’t. By Mike Reed to fighters, pressure fighters, everything. He says he’s longing na offer me a birthday present. My bithday present is currently gon na-be celebrating my own win. I’m going to appear better than I have. I’ve ever been training and that I &rsquo. ”

Mikaela Mayer

On her first year as an expert Friday will function as the sixth fight of 2018

“it will be exceeded my expectations as well as my team’s. Top Rank has done a wonderful job of moving me and I presume given me the right struggles, too, kind of just analyzing my skills and visiting through which I’m . I presume that’s exactly what this second fight is going to be. They would like to see where I see just how much they can measure up me in 2019 and am, therefore I want to show them I’m ready. I hope that they maintain me as busy. ”

On Trained in Colorado Springs alongside individuals like Jamel Herring. ”

“where I & rsquo; m training around mates and it & rsquo; s a fun atmosphere, I think it & rsquo; s the environment which makes it more exciting because I originated out of Team USA. Once you turn pro, some times you lost that team atmosphere. Having the capability to coach around fellow Olympians like Jamel, additionally to Terence Crawford, and still being close to the U.S. Olympic Training Center, it keeps it exciting and more pleasurable. ”

Jamel Herring

On his 2018 effort and coaching using Brian McIntyre and Terence Crawford

Since you may observe, the proof is in the pudding. From my first fight with these and Best Rank back in May until nowwe’ve been getting better. The chemistry is excellent, like I said. I’damn honored and happy to not only be with my new training team, but using Best Rank as well. We’re looking to close out the strongest and move onto better and bigger things in 2019. ”

“I believe in the new season, a title opportunity can come with a fantastic performance this weekend. I’m. This ’therefore we wanted this particular struggle. It’s crucial to me personally. Not only for me personally, but to my own team and also my career.as an entire. Having Top Rank supporting me has given me a great deal. With a wonderful performance a lot of things should come in the new yr. ”

On battling to get a regional title belt

“It feels good. All the hardwork is paying off. I gotkindly thank Best Rank for your fantastic job they’do this, and I’m going to keep doing my part. ”

On Which he&rsquo

“I have something real special because of him. A pillow that is new. I moved pillow shopping, therefore everything is going to come together. ”

ESPN, 10 p.m. ET

Gilberto Ramirez (winner ) vs. Jesse Hart (challenger), 1-2 rounds, WBO super middleweight world title

ESPN+, 6:30 p.m. ET

Mikaela Mayer vs. Calixta Silgado, Mayer’s NABF super featherweight title

Jamel Herring vs. Adeilson Dos Santos, 8 rounds, super featherweight

Jesus Arechiga vs. David Martino, 6 rounds

Roberto Duran Jr. vs. Leonardo Pena, 4 rounds, welterweight

Tickets into the Ramirez-Hart two world championship event are available today.


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