Philip Rivers and Patrick Mahomes are ranked second and third, respectivelyin QBR. 

The Saturday games are still here! With the college football regular season the NFL begins its customary events, this means also a task in this week’s Prime-time Parlay — and two national matches.

Once again, primetime Parlay is about the most useful matches: Thursday, Sunday and Monday’s prime time games and also the very best inch p.m. ET and 4 p.m. ET Sunday match ups (and also this season, Saturday too). Straight-up chooses, however you have to hit all five (or in this case, seven). Then we calculate how much you would earn using Westgate’s money lines.

Via ESPN’s Football Power Index, primetime Parlay tells you the analytics-based predictions for the meetings of greatest national import, offering the smart choices for the matches you’ll be watching. (All NFL point spreads and currency pairs are available here).

Total payout for Week 15 Primetime Parlay (picking all FPI-projected winners in seven matches ): $1,415.22 on 100 wager

Money line: Chiefs -190
FPI projection: Chiefs triumph by 4.5 points

This Thursday night treat features plus so they’re closer than a lot of people today think in terms of talent. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is second in QBR, while Chargers signal-caller Philip Rivers will be third. The Chiefs are second in FPI, the Chargers fourth. Kansas City gets got the higher offense, LosAngeles the defense. The Chargers could be favored at home, but they’re on the road. — Seth Walder

Money line: Texans -300
FPI projection: Texans triumph by 6.7 factors

FPI was skeptical of the AFC South-leading Texans for a lengthy time, but today is a (comparative ) believer. Houston (9-4) is upto ninth overall in FPI, mostly owing to its defense. — Seth Walder

Money line: Broncos -160
FPI projection: Broncos win by 9.9 factors

FPI doesn’t know the Browns terminated Hue Jackson. In case matches were considered by it under Freddie Kitchens and Gregg Williams, it would probably like Cleveland’s offense. FPI includes a sneaky affinity for the Broncos (17th in QBR), though, and that’s enough to own it thin toward Denver. — Seth Walder

Money line: Bears -250
FPI projection: Bears win by 4.3 factors

This Bears’ defense is extremely legit. Concerning efficacy (appearing backward by Weeks 14 to at least one ), Chicago’s D has become the greatest in the league by far. That’s sufficient to make up for what we expect for a below-average offense ahead. — Seth Walder

Money line: Steelers +100
FPI projection: Steelers win by 3.3 factors

The Steelers rank ninth in efficacy, but FPI thinks are going to a lot much better compared to that moving forward (first time, only behind the Patriots). That’s due to their offense has been their best unit (and that’s generally most consistent) and due to strong pre season expectations, that still play a tiny role in our semi annual metric. — Seth Walder

Money line: Rams -500
FPI projection: Rams triumph by 10.4 factors

A nobrainer for FPI, before news that Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is probably out. Even the Eagles are only a normal team allaround and the Rams are, well,… a great deal a lot better than that. — Seth Walder

Money line: Saints -275
FPI projection: Saints triumph by 5.4 factors

Is a good offense. And the Saints have the best offense. Does not hurt that the Panthers have lost five in a row as well. — Seth Walder

Closing Candles: Chiefs, Texans, Broncos, Bears, Steelers, Rams, Saints

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