ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — Thirteen games into Case Keenum’s season with the Denver Broncos, he sees himself at a crossroad in a project he has always wanted and cleared plenty of vocational challenges for.

Keenum, that was signed to a”prove-it” two-year contract in March, is now at the point where the directive to not make a lot of mistakes associating together with his managers’ appetite for more big plays. Because while befriending trainer Vance Joseph has said Keenum “has played his very best football the previous month,” that quality has come with a price, notably in a potentially crushing loss to the sanfrancisco 49ers on Sunday.

“[On Sunday]he was somewhat cautious with the ball,” Joseph said . “The bottomline: We’rsquo; s got to make plays, and sometimes taking some chances lets you make plays & t got to play with, he. So they could & rsquo, there are currently going to be turnovers . You are able to ’t even play with this match perfect, but I need Case to become aggressive … He’s got to be more aggressive down the pits and also not be concerned about making mistakes.”

Okay, point taken. Keenum has thrown for under 200 yards in each and threw for 205 yards in the fourth, although the Broncos are 3-1 in their past four games. However, after hurling 10 interceptions from the first eight games — he had the league lead at the same point while in the first half — Keenum has not thrown an option in the five games.

The Broncos and Keenum need to discover a means to combine some of those big plays he had in the first half — Keenum had 3 3 completions of 20 or more yards and eight more than 40 metres in the first eight games — while eliminating the turnovers that negated the effects of some of the huge plays. At the past five games, including Sunday&rsquo loss, the Broncos have one of more than 40 yards and 1-2 completions of 20 or more yards.

“& We ’r e at there in the season where we & ’t got to make bids, also we’t got to score points,” Keenum said. “… I’ve stated that before, also that I can’t even get caught back with the ball in my own fingers . I’t got to sacrifice chances to guys . It seems different on different plays, however that, generally speaking & rsquo; SA fantastic mindset to have. I think being smart with the ballcontinuing to become smart with the ballbut giving guys chances when we feel like it’SA good match up or valuable time to take a shot or take a chance down the field.”

Some defensive coaches state the Broncos ran the ball consistently early in the season, notably on early downs, therefore Keenum found room touse play-action passing for plays that are deeper. Against the 49ers — the very first match without Sanders — the Broncos fought to run on the ball for much of your day (102 yards on 27 carries) and also their past two losses will be the only games in the season’s next half where the Broncos haven’t even slowed greater than 3.8 metres per carry.

For his role, Keenum said he wants to become the guy to push on the Broncos’ crime in to high gear.

“My entire life, I’t absolutely enjoyed with the ball in my own fingers, making conclusions and really being a huge part of why my team wins,” Keenum said. I would like to succeed. I’MA winner, so ” I ’m competitive to a fault, also that I think that’s part of what drives me and leaves me who I’m. I take it that I’t even got to perform. I’t got to play , I’t got to give my guys chances down the field, also that’s “


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