PITTSBURGH — Really few humans can shuffle liberally to the left to prevent a sack and rip a fastball 4 5 yards between 2 LosAngeles Chargers defenders for an Antonio Brown touchdown the way Ben Roethlisberger did in Week 13.

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner had that drama in his mind as he described the eye popping — and some times head-scratching — duality of both Roethlisberger’s confidence for a thrower.

&ldquo? ’& & rdquo; Fichtner explained. “And then other times you’re like,’Where did that result from?’ I am talking about , it’s just a matter of how you state it. ”

Whilst the Steelers make an effort to fortify their play off hopes with a triumph within the New England Patriots on Sunday, they will set the football in the hands of a quarterback who wins, awakens and throws interceptions like few others.

At a brand new era of NFL passers that contains human rifles (Patrick Mahomes), RPO wizards (Deshaun Watson) and other 7-on-7 disciples, Roethlisberger could be the final true extension of Brett Favre, whose penchant for picks and enormous plays embodied the throw-back”gunslinger” mantra.

It’SA mentality by which Roethlisberger accomplishes.

“You talk anything you would like to talk about or about gunslinger. I’m not even going to worry about interceptions. I hate doing them. I am bothered by them. However, now I ’m definitely going to go outside and play my game and try to help us win football matches. ”

Two coaches brought the Favre contrast unprompted up.

Roethlisberger rankings top five in the NFL in wins (4-7 ), touchdown passes (138), passing yards (21,187) and interceptions (65) in the previous five seasons)

Since 2015, six quarterbacks have pitched at 50 interceptions — Bortles (5-7 ), respectively Roethlisberger (56), Winston (56), respectively Cam Newton (52), Eli Manning (51) along with Philip Rivers (50). All of them and 50 games played during this interval.

Roethlisberger did his harm 54 games, good enough to get 1.03 interceptions per game. Only Winston (1.06) cries more interceptions per game one of that 50-50 club. Indianapolis Colts quarter back Andrew Luck are in that category having an average of 1.09, but he’s played only 3-5 games during this span, with 38 interceptions.

In 2013, Roethlisberger rankings tied for 2nd among NFL quarterbacks with 13 interceptions in 13 matches, but he also leads in passing efforts by 546 and is next in lawns with 4,227.

Even the interceptions aren’t such a terrible thing wins and when viewed through the prism of production that is pure.

Only Tom Brady (4 5 ) and Newton (38) do have significantly more regular-season wins than Roethlisberger (3-7 ) since 2015. Russell Wilson is tied to Roethlisberger in wins-but has played in seven more games.

It is seen by the way Fichtner, Roethlisberger needs a canvas that is bigger than most.

“Many quarterbacks are now scientists. Many are musicians. Ben is a artist,&rdquo. “rsquo & he;s definitely going to create. ”

That’s why Fichtner understands the interception — minutes that are off-script make Roethlisberger great — but he encourages Roethlisberger to steer clear of.

Roethlisberger will tell Fichtner he needs a moment to cool down after a pick around the sidelines, because he wants his quarterback to understand he & rsquo; s along with him however, his longtime trainer lurks.

We’re speaking about the very best players at the game,&rdquo. “Afterward you state, ‘Wow, c’mon Ben. You can’t create that drama every moment. ’ And it bites you. And I think he’so as to endure after 1-5 years and being a pioneer of the team and affectionate, I think he’s able to operate and state, ‘My evil. ’ That’s a part of the overall game, too. I’m. That’s type of what we’re expecting to grow one among our group, that should I make a mistake, they make a mistake, hello, I’ll up to it into my friends, my teammates, also I’ll strive not to make this mistake . ”

The interceptions haven’t influenced Roethlisberger’s presence on competitions &rsquo. 1 NFC defensive coordinator who faced Roethlisberger this season said Big Ben is still one of a group of quarterbacks that are guaranteed to prolong.

Attacking Roethlisberger with a threeman dash is unworthy, the coordinator said, and the numbers bear out that.

&ldquo you have to make a decision to throw it in there. I like rdquo; the planner said, & the quarterbacks who do. “rsquo & he;s patient to go through his progressions, also then he &rsquo. That’of why & rsquo s part;good. He’ll take opportunities guys may not. And sometimes he loses. However he wins. He’s like a Favre like this. ”

Roethlisberger shares a pairing that is historic with Brown, who’s certainly going on his sixth successive 100-catch season. Despite the duo’s 56 touchdowns since 2014, a team top to get a receiver-quarterback tandem, Roethlisberger includes 28 interceptions on Brown aims during this span, also a team high, in accordance with Stats & Information. Nine of the interceptions came this season, which will help explain why Roethlisberger has targeted ju-ju Smith-Schuster 131 times: He’s projecting in to double-coverage traffic.

It’s that the vintage Roethlisberger production that flusters trainers . His 8.7 yards per effort on plays out of the pocket leads all active quarterbacks throughout the previous ten years.

“That’s a tough kid,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “I don’t know if he gets enough credit for all the things he does. Runs makes moves people hanging on him , consistently the mark every defense if he’s to, stands in the pocket , gives his recipients time tries to attack. … He doesn’t provide you lots of opportunities [to get interceptions]. He uses the backs the ends in addition to the recipients. He’s got plenty of choices. Makes a whole good deal of good decisions on getting the ball to who has the opportunity in space in the best matchup or coverage.

“I & rsquo; m not relying on it, although I really hope he & rsquo; s generous on Sunday. ”

A competitive mindset may permeate a locker room of players that know the plays that are huge offset the mistakes.

At the Steelers’ tight end meetings, trainer James Daniel frequently conveys the message that with No. 7 in the lineup, no drama is ever over. They consistently have a opportunity.

Tight end Vance McDonald believes that a connection with Roethlisberger because he’s not as so safe.

“You visit quarterbacks who love the checkdowns,” McDonald said. “To each their own, but at the same time, Ben is that Ben is because of the conclusions he & and how he & rsquo; s played ’s left. You never need Ben to be anyone else.


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