Thomas Muller’s flying kick was the most’on-brand’ red-card ever found in football.

They may have salvaged a dramatic 3-3 draw against Ajax inside their final Champions League group game, however Bayern Munich had to muddle during the last stages of this game with 10 men after losing Thomas Muller into a straight red card.

, in trying to bring down a high ball, he planted his studs the forward was ignored in circumstances that were uncontroversial.

Muller was dismissed due to his awkward assault and Tagliafico eventually were able to shake off the double-vision in time to score Ajax’s 95th-minute equaliser.

The following afternoon he published a contrite tweet that said:”I want to apologise to Nico Tagliafico for yesterday’s incident. It was accidental. Get well soon.”

However, it has been described that the high boot might actually have been a fairly refined homage to his domestic league.

We could absolutely see the similarity, although we aren’t entirely sure theory has any grounding in fact.

Whatever second — Harry Kane paying homage into that the premierleague badge by donning a lion’s head? 


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