Vettel’s four seasons at Ferrari have been spent alongside Kimi Raikkonen, together with whom the world champion established a relationship off-track.

The arrival of second season, after only 1 year at F1 at Sauber, will present a dynamic and also after four decades of the German playing a comfortable advantage over his teammate, the 21-year-old was tipped to battle Vettel soon. 

Vettel said: “I don’Charles is known by t even so much he doesn&rsquo.

“We know eachother [to some extent ], he’s a kid, so that I don’t even expect that there’s anything. 

“We’ll be competitions as far as Kimi and myself’ve now already been rivals. 

“you’re going to decide to try should you so you beat on everybody else, also your teammate of course to get.

“we all will see, we also understand we want to bring Ferrari back to winning ways. For him it’s an alternative point in his career compared to mine. 

“I think time will tell, however from what I understand now and just how far I understand him now, he sounds like a guy. ”

Both drivers also suggested at a week’s FIA end-of-season awards ceremony that they might remain friends although they were no further teammates.

The Way Vettel and Leclerc come together at Ferrari is likely to be a fascinating subplot at 2019 given the mounting pressure on Vettel to make a season-long title challenge.

Leclerc’s arrival so Red Bull at 2014, when Vettel was beaten by his new teammate after procuring four world titles. 

But, Leclerc who had his initial experience of life being a Ferrari driver at the post-season evaluation in Abu Dhabi earlier this month, said his suggestion is to make use of every available resource to improve – that includes working well with Vettel. 

“I still must continue to grow and be focused on the areas where m still weak & rsquo; I,” said Leclerc. 

“I will attempt to learn from my teammate and also from everyone in the team.

[The programme would be to ] get ready just as far as I could. I am ’t even wait patiently to be in the first race and at the vehicle in the first evaluation. ”

Additional reporting by Yaroslav Zagorets

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF71H

Ferrari SF71H, charles Leclerc

Photo by: Jean Petin / / Sutton Images


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