Dallas Cowboys running Ezekiel Elliott was fined $26,739 for lowering his own helmet initiate contact against Philadelphia defensive rear Corey Graham in a week’s win against the Eagles.

Elliott is appealing the fine.

Elliott has been the very first player to be screened this season.

The rule, approved prohibits players from diminishing their helmets to begin contact with a competitor. League officials noted specifically that backs that lowered their heads to bowl would be predicted, also said that it would apply to all players at every position. However, through the first 13 weeks of this growing season, only defensive or players were penalized.

The play occurred with 11 minutes, 32 seconds remaining in law of the Cowboys’ overtime victory Sunday against the Eagles. Elliott lowered his mind and struck on Graham at the conclusion of a 12-yard reception.

It’s the second time in four weeks. For donating $2 1 to the Salvation Army kettle he had been fined $13,369 for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Info from ESPN’s Kevin Seifert was used within this report.


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