Interest from fresh engine manufacturers has waned with a revolutionary overhaul of regulations for 2021 was abandoned towards tweaks into the notions.

They all decided against it as it became evident that regulations not changed as much as they had hoped for 2021 while Cosworth Aston Martin and Porsche considered linking F1 when there were no engine rules.

With F1 & rsquo; s owners Liberty Media determined that the more manufacturers are needed later on at F1, one of those concessions it’s won in exchange for never overhauling the engine rules dramatically is now a technology share programme.

F 1 managing director of motor sport Ross Brawn claims that this type of move was necessary to break their current four manufacturers’ stance not needing someone to come at later on.

“The drawbridge was pulled up and also the current suppliers don’t even need anyone to come from,” said Brawn in an interview.

“a compromise has been found by us. You’ll find regulations being released that would mean fresh entrants can get support from entrants. There will be technology and components that will need if it’s requested to be discussed.

“It is not quite this kind of radical change that we were proposing, but nonetheless a good move in the right direction and there are a few nice adjustments to the method by which in which the driver has to manage the engine, that I think goes a long way from the sporting direction.

“There’s been a recognition from the existing manufacturers that they could ’t even shut the door . When we start to get serious interest from supplier or another manufacturer, they have to cooperate to discover ways of helping that manufacturer encounter in to F1. ”

Remi Taffin, Director of Operations, Renault Sport F1, Mattia Binotto, Chief Technical Officer, Ferrari, Andy Cowell, Managing Director, HPP, Mercedes AMG, and Toyoharu Tanabe, F1 Technical Director, Honda, in the Team Principals Press Conference

Photo by: Andrew Hone / / LAT Pictures

Cost controller

The important focus for 2021 is that a move to change the sport’s financial arrangement — with an expense cap and also also a fairer supply of industrial rights earnings.

Brawn thinks that what is being intended for then will ultimately make all outfits better away, while the teams might be hesitant to sign upto earning prize money.

“Even the fairer distribution [of revenues] among the teams is balanced by the lowering of costs specially by the teams, so their lines will be improved,” he said. 

“When we follow the funding cap suggestions, ” I will ’t even see a team in F1 that won’t even be much better away. ”


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