A manager of Celtic Boys Club continues to be found guilty.

83, frank Cairney, was granted bond until he’s sentenced next month and was set on the sex offenders register.

Sheriff Daniel Kelly QC praised the”courage” of both Cairney’s victims, who he said had caused these things to general scrutiny.

The jury of eight women and seven men took 2 hours to reach their verdicts in Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Following a verdict, a guy with accused Cairney of mistreating him from the early 1970s, said justice had finally caught up with the”wicked paedophile”.

He said Cairney had used his standing in Celtic FC to gain usage of boys that were innocent and abuse them at the way.

“Some of the abuse was carried out within the Celtic Park dressingroom as well as within his vehicle,” he said.

‘Basic decency’

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, added:”What me and the other victims of abuse in Celtic now need to see will be that the senior club take responsibility to the action of those who operated with absolute freedom within Celtic Park.

“The position Celtic have obtained, saying they don’t need any responsibility, is revolting and insulting.

“Celtic FC named the shots with the boys bar. It’s time the club acted with some basic decency over our legal claims”

Frank Cairney may be the third Celtic Boys Club trainer to become convicted of child sex abuse at the past six weeks.

Last month, Boys Club creator Jim Torbett was jailed for six years, while a second trainer, teacher Gerald King, was detained of abusing boys in a school.

The Boys Club’s reputation, which produced players that are Celtic that are great, is located in ruins.

Once more, the secret connections to Celtic FC of the Boys Club was a feature within Cairney’s trial.

One player told the court Cairney abused inside Celtic Park him. Yet another of the victims told how his team trained on occasion from early 1970s.

After the conviction of Torbett, Celtic expressed regret but stressed that the Boys Club was a separate thing. This rings hollow to the victims.

After the verdict, one among Cairney’s victims, currently 59, explained “We’re a portion of Celtic, to state the Boys Club was not is disingenuous. We swept the terraces .

“Celtic need to put up their hands up and admit that now.”

Celtic have to comment.

Cairney was acquitted on charges in 1998. Twenty years later, a result that is different. Sentence was postponed until the year, also Cairney may expend the period.


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