Mourinho, who took over as director in May 20-16, conceded:”We’ve got doubts about what.

“But we are moving with the players we now have available and a team capable of moving there to struggle to the victory.”

Mourinho won the EFL Cup and Europa League in his first season at Old Trafford in charge.

Ever since then, the team’s style has been contested and there has been criticisms of his record signing Paul Pogba, that pound & cost;Romelu and 89m Lukaku, that pound & cost;73m.

Liverpool director Jurgen Klopp has been commended for the way by that his team is currently acting, but they’re yet to secure a decoration under the German, who took over in October 2015.

He directed them to the 20-16 League Cup and Europa League final, and last season’s Champions League final, at which Liverpool lost.

When asked if the sum of money his north west competitions had spent was that the difference between the two teams, Mourinho responded:”It’s not just about spending more and reinforcing the group, a football team is significantly far more than that.

“It’s like a home. It’s not just about purchasing the furnitureyou should complete work, you spend less on the greatest feasible furniture and then you’re all set to reside in an awesome house.”

Asked if winning prizes matter, Mourinho said:”I think trophies matter, it things, particularly once you have the capacity to struggle for trophies and notably whenever you obviously say the purpose is to acquire the decoration.

“I think some times to merely say it isn’t very intelligent, but whenever you might have the capacity, you haven’t anything to hide, you know from day one your potential and your appetite has compared with the potential”


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