“Just hoping to defend without fouling,” James said, who temporarily locked his hands supporting his body onto a Rockets ownership at the third quarter. “That’s a place of emphasis anytime you play with Houston. They got guys that can sell calls quite good — Chris [Paul] and James [Harden] — therefore you got to try to keep both hands from the cookie jar”

The Rockets were called for more fouls than the Lakers over all (24-21), but Houston took more free throws (32-27), headed by Harden’s 18-for-19 nighttime and Paul’s 5-for-6 revealing from the stripe. From the teams’ previous meeting, a 124-115 Houston triumph on Oct. 20, Harden went 11-for-15 on free throws and Paul went 7-for-9.

Harden came into the game ranked second in the league using 9.4 free throw attempts per game, also he doubled that output contrary to the Lakers on the way into a 50-point triple-double, adding 11 assists and 10 rebounds.

“I was just trying not to foul to day,” he continued. “They’ve been calling it tight now, so that I was just attempting to get my hands out of there. … It is very challenging residing in front of [Harden] with both hands such as this.”

Lakers trainer Luke Walton and Kyle Kuzma were called for technical fouls on the night, also Walton confessed his team lost its cool.

“When I had been frustrated by some calls, or Harden making some shots,” I thought we could have done a far better job of keeping our composure as friends,” Walton explained. “I believe that is a wonderful learning experience for all of us as we try to prep to become a type of team that could triumph toward the close of the year. We have to be able to flourish if matters aren’t moving in our favor in environments that are demanding. And the only solution to learn how to do that is to proceed through it. And that I thought tonight was an example that individuals could have done things better.”

Walton said it was not a portion of the game want to possess their arms are concealed by his players .

“How hard will it be to play defense like that? It’s tough,” Walton explained. “I presume they were just trying to earn a spot:’We’re not using our own arms here. Quit calling fouls.’ But we can’t, if we get frustrated or not, we can’t let this affect us moving under screens or us maybe not communicating… which I thought we could have done a far better job of tonight”

Kuzma noted he didn’t see his 3-pointer with 9.9 seconds remaining in the thirdquarter move in because he had been”knocked down” No foul was predicted, prompting Walton also earn his technician and to get to the officials.

On Kuzma, the discrepancy was obvious.

“To defend them, you simply can’t touch ,” Kuzma said. “So simply wanting never to touch them”

And what about the nocall if he has knocked down?

“To save money, I really don’t know about this particular one,” he explained. “It is going to occur, particularly on your way. My faculty coach always utilized to say on road games, you are playing with 16,000-18. Therefore it will occur traveling “

L.A. trailed Houston 90-88 heading into the fourth quarter was outscored 36-23 at the final frame. While zero free throws were attempted by the Lakers like a team harden went 5-for-5 from the lineup while in the fourth.