OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Lamar Jackson was asked whether he would be careful running the ball after managing injury concerns that the past two games.

“I’m going to put it all on the line,” Jackson explained. “I wish to acquire. I hate losing. I hate that feeling. You need to take care of it. Therefore, I want to win. It & rsquo; s going to happen, if it happens. I’ve ever already been good thus far.”

67 days have conducted shattering the Super Bowl-era record for some efforts with a quarterback in his first 4 starts. This has raised the argument perhaps the probability of injury is well worth the benefit of a large drama after he missed time that the past two weeks because of health scares.

On Dec. 2, he missed an eight-minute series in Atlanta after being placed in concussion protocol. Jackson, that was later cleared, was hit in the head with abandoned tackle Ronnie Stanley‘s foot by the conclusion of a jog.

Last Sunday, Jackson put after suffering an ankle injury. Xrays ended up negative although he had been knocked out to the final two plays of the game. Jackson was recorded this week because the complete participant.

Ravens backup quarterback Robert Griffin III, that used the record for most rushing attempts with a quarterback in his first 4 starts, considers Jackson is getting better in protecting himself.

“I really don’t know if he’ll be able to completely knock out it this year, however I think he has learned a little bit about how to get down and avoid some of the strikes,” Griffin said. “He will find those two yards onto this first-down play is not quite as vital as you possibly being available as well as your own ankle and also head perhaps maybe not hurting on second down. Some times, second-and-10 is better compared to second-and-8 in the event that you can help save yourself.”

Jackson’s 336 rushing yards represent nearly a quarter of the offense of Baltimore since he became a starter four weeks ago. For them all this season, Jackson has accounted of the Ravens’ four rushes more than 20 yards.

The issue with Jackson being team’s most runner is it exposes him to hits. Jackson’s 9-6 carries this season would be the 14th-most this decade, and he is on pace to surpass Cam Newton‘s 139 dash efforts in 2017 for most with a quarterback since 2008.

Do the Ravens want Jackson to slide more often?

“Right nowI’m not worried about it,” coach John Harbaugh stated. “I wish to secure the match. That’so exactly we’re interested in. Keeping it simple.”

The Ravens have established some ground rules for Jackson when he chooses. Away from numbers, you receive as many yards as possible before you go out of bounds. And soon you anticipate contact Between your numbers, you conduct, then you get down in order to avoid a winner — if you don’t feel you are able to score.

“It’s very simple that way, but just a little easier said than done in the NFL,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. “So, some of that will be adventure. Some of we that ’ll keep on to emphasize it.

The Ravens know first hand quarterbacks that are conducting can get hurt. Baltimore defenders knocked out both Griffin and Michael Vick.

By Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas, Vick fractured his right fibula in August 2003. Vick was scrambling to convert a third down and he subsequently was sidelined to the first 11 matches of that season.

Nine years after, Griffin was running late in the fourth quarter, when Baltimore defensive tackle Haloti Ngata hit his right knee after having a 13-yard gain. Griffin later returned to the line up but reinjured his knee seriously throughout a loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

“I could tell him my face is gloomy. You can tell him we are able to tell him” Griffin said. “However he has to learn it on his or her own. I believe he is starting to master it. He’s not stubborn he’s not going to perform so. You’d to untrain some things. He is in the process of accomplishing this. If your lifetime you’ve managed to outrun out-juke and everyone everybody and jump over guys, and someone is telling you you will need to slide. You’re like,’Slide?'”

Griffin might give to take Jackson right down to someone he knows with all the Washington Nationals, and they’re going to require some lessons on slipping.


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