ASHBURN, Va. — He won’t be dance together with any celebrities, but he will continue to dance.

It’S-A means for Norman it’s also a means for him to keep fresh during a turbulent time for the Redskins.

This ’s also he spent handing out clothing items in a few shelters in Washington. He predicted an early birthday gift. Norman said whilst sitting on his couch he decided to do so. Saturday, norman, who turns 31, said he wanted to achieve so in lieu of doing some thing to his birthday.

“What’s there for me to really get? ” he said.

The past several weeks are filled up with players angry with just one item or another — their job, both the coaches, teammates, fans and also the waiver assert of linebacker Reuben Foster and stories about catastrophic injuries. Wednesday provided opinion and perspective.

“You have to consider positive,” Norman explained. “by helping out other 11, I deal with it. If you can certainly do that, give back to men and women it & rsquo; s pretty cool. Helps a lot . ”

Norman explained individuals he had been handing items out to did not comprehend him.

“They finally found out,” he said. “They’re like, ‘Oh, take, you come down to see us? ’ Took a couple pictures, signed some autographs. It was only cool and refreshing and reassuring. You ask why I keep high spirits and can be found in. Because I will do things like that, it & rsquo; therefore. It’therefore much bigger than football. It’s merely cool. ”

The Loudoun Ballet performingarts Co. approached him earlier this season about acting as a guest. His one and only appearance whilst the Arabian Prince is Friday night. Half the profits will go into his Foundation. While training to the series, he met with some of the dancers at the LBPA.

Norman flew across the country and could return with time to get Redskins spring clinics when he had been on the ABC series. For that ballet, he’s practiced once a week (on his daily ) for only just a little more than monthly at a neighborhood high school,” he said.

“It’s cool; it’so rdquo; he said, & some thing todo. “rsquo, I & . ”

In addition, he knows some fans will likely probably be mad he has spent part of the time in a task when the Redskins are now still losing.

&ldquo can you currently held to a higher standard than even a doctor or the usual physician? ” he said. “I do what I do. ”


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