The duo supporting the official song of this 20-19 IHF Men’s World Championship at both host countries of both Denmark and Germany was revealed and yet one name is synonymous with German hand ball.

Danish DJ Kongsted has teamed up with German artist Dominik Klein, but that Klein is maybe perhaps not the former handball player of this Italian national group, but the vocalist on this, his first single, which is going to be launched in front of this championship on Friday 4 January.

Much like the world championship itself, the alliance between Klein and also Kongsted extends the team work of Denmark and Germany since co-hosting spouses to its tournament. 

“The adult men ’s World Championship is put in arenas in both Germany and Denmark and together we have now been working for two years preparing the largest hand-ball party,” said Mark Schober, secretarygeneral of the German Handball Federation. 

“However there is no celebration without songs, so what better chance to bring a German and a Danish artist to produce our tune,” 

Secretary General of the Danish Handball Association, morten Stig Christensen, can be thrilled to be able to release a championship song that has been co-produced by German and Portuguese musicians. 

“where our motto is & lsquo; Stand & & rsquo; & & rdquo; he explained, This song is in the spirit of this tournament. “where as Dominik Klein is an very talented young singer Kongsted is a seasoned producer and DJ. 

“That cocktail has attracted something brand fresh and absolutely outstanding into the championship. ” 

German artist Dominik Klein is quite pleased for being part of this official song: “ now I’ve been focusing on making my own music yesteryear therefore for me personally to be part of something as great among this planet ’s largest sports scenes, is astonishing,” he explained.

“Music takes visitors to modes that are distinct plus people are connected by it. At the championship we’ll observe the activity, the abilities, and the challenging work, the accomplishments not to mention the supportive fans. Full arenas with the hand ball on the planet, requires. ”

Dominik Klein and also Kongsted will likely soon be performing the official song are now living at the official launch game on January 10th, 20-19 and at the final in Boxen, Herning, Denmark on January 27th in mercedes benz Arena at Berlin. 

“Performing with Kongsted and singing in front of thousands of fans will be great,” continued Klein. 

“I am looking forward to give myself. I could ’t even wait patiently. ” 


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