PITTSBURGH — Steelers running back Stevan Ridley isn’t backing down from comments he made towards the Boston Herald that the New England Patriots“trashed” him once he was injured in his last season there.

Ridley, a former rusher, will probably be part of the Steelers’ twoman rushing attack against New England in Heinz Field, and he said he can’t wait.

“That’s my previous team. [The death ] hadn’t sat well, also I’m a rival,” Ridley told Pittsburgh media after Thursday’s practice. “I will compete. You can bet it to have the ability to stand out there going against my old team. I’m fired up on it and I’m excited.”

Ridley started 25 games out of 201114. But Ridley ripped his anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments through the 2014 season, and the Patriots moved on out of him.

“I was trashed after a injury,” Ridley told the Boston Herald. “I’m just going to put it like that. I’m not going to state specifically, but to be always a beginner [the Patriots] for 3 decades, to rip my ACL and never get a callback, that is a tough pill to swallow.”

Ridley indicated to Herald that the Patriots never contacted him after his rookie contract expired in 2014.

“Now they’re still on the lookout to get a running back in and play,” he told the Herald. “Exactly how many running backs are around there to use to provide them with some consistency because a quote-unquote first- or second-down back? They are still on the lookout for it. Yeah, it’s very personal. It is.”

He was signed by the Steelers also he has rushed for 168 yards and two touchdowns on 49 carries. With James Conner out, Ridley is dividing time with rookie Jaylen Samuels.

I don’t desire to make this interview too much about me,” Ridley said Thursday. “I want to allow it to be about two teams going in it. And right now, we’re a team coming off three declines. There is nobody around here content. With me, I’m just trying to create my way on the area .”

That doesn’t mean Ridley wont attempt to provide a small open-field juice for his teammates.

“That’s a lot of my boys there, lots of my teammates,” Ridley said. “I think I compete tougher against my homies than people I really don’t understand. Therefore that is what it is. It isn’t really just a jab in them. I’m an honest individual. I’m upfront. This match’s been circled to the program a long time.”


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