A engine decision derailed suzuki’s 2017 effort, but also the team bounced back collecting eight podiums because it regained its technical concessions – .

Nevertheless, the success of the Hamamatsu marque means it has lost that liberty for 20-19, and the spec it chooses to run for the season opener in Qatar is your one annually, it might need to run.

Suzuki trialled a fresh engine and chassis throughout the Valencia and Jerez evaluations that were post-season, but has yet to choose a spec for second season.

Rins isn’t feared because he had feelings about both sorts of engine he sampled that a mistaken decision could lead Suzuki back to its own 2017 conflicts.

“I’m not afraid, as with both motors and both chassis I have already been fast,” explained Rins. “Today it’s up to the directors and I leave everything in the hands of these engineers.

“For sure we will choose the most suitable choice. We did lots of comparisons, so they possess a lot of information. I am happy using both, the feeling is nice with both motors. They will need to choose one, the very most effective one.

“The positive thing is the fact that the engine has more power, more potential. The points that are negative, I really don’t wish to mention.

“the biggest thing is Suzuki works very hard, in Malaysia we’re awaiting new things, we will see what goes on.

“those two days were rather positive days because we strive every thing , we strive new frames, and new engine. We did lots of comparisons involving the 2018 and 20-19 engine. Was very favorable “

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Rins reckons he may be the most powerful he’s been throughout the preseason, also feels”willing to win” for the first time in MotoGP after completing second three times in 2018.

“Ultimately we’re strong on race pace,” he explained. “Yesterday [Wednesday] in the event that you saw the laptimes it had been a little bit down more the qualifying [pace], but now with every thing clear we are consistently on top.

“I am nine-tenths [down just ] because they put new tyres, but I am quite happy.

“we would like to try to win, we all have to be conscious that we have a great bike and I am prepared to win”

Rins was not amazed to see him adapt immediately, although new Suzuki signing Joan Mir enjoyed a strong start to his MotoGP career in the Valencia and Jerez evaluations.

“I was expecting this outcome,” explained Rins. “I understand from the beginning that he is very talented. This is exactly why he was hired by Suzuki.

“He’s going very fast and needs to learn more experience”

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Joan Mir, Team Suzuki MotoGP

Joan Mir

Photo by: Gold and Goose / LAT Pictures


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