The Olympic champions were too much to the Romanian squad and won 28-22 on the first semifinal of the afternoon in Paris. The conducted by Ambros Martin played with a very good first half, but could not cope with the Russian power to the period.

Losing their player right before qualifying for the semi finals put them . Russia, alternatively, were arriving strong. Don’t mind since Daria Dmitrieva said on Wednesday , some power was stored by them for this particular semi final, the loss againtst Sweden in the game in Nantes.

The game, nevertheless, started for those coached by Ambros Martin. After a start that is very tight, Romania were competent to develop a three goal difference and after 16 minutes were leading 6 9 and having fun with confidence. Long range shots were eloquent and effective. However, Russia made some adjustments in defense that allowed them to catch up 12 minutes after (12 12 ). At an in depth ending, the first half had been beneficial to the Russians, that went with a 16-15 lead into the locker rooms.

Once the game has been resumed for the second period, Russia had improved their shield and immediately put themselves 19-15 after 3 minutes. Romania found it hard to score now and has been simply able to accomplish theit first goal after 7 minutes (19-16). Cristina Neagu, that was watching the game from behind the goal, with the remaining Romanian team, continued to cheer for her team, but after being as close as just two aims behind, Russia needed a 5-0 run that put them eight aims ahead of 9 minutes left to be playedwith.

Anna Vyakhireva was named best player of this game, and it really couldn’t’ve gone to anybody as the 168cm straight back scored the impressive tally of 13 objects from the semifinal that brought Russia back again to some European final after 12 years.

Rightwing Iulia Managarova couldn’t find words to describe her enjoyment: “I recevied a lot of questions about my feelings and after having a game like this you cannot truly understand everything you’re feeling, it’s happy, and you’re empty, but it’s a excellent sensation ”.

H P: And atmosphere this empty, just how long does it take one to recover for the game in just two days time?

Recover and we have 1 day longer to rest ”.

H P: Just how did you manage to turn the game around already on the first half?

It’s all of the time fighting and perhaps not really a great performance, but on the second half, I was glad we reached this outcome, eliminate this nervousness and made a fantastic score”.

Ambros Martin appeared clearly angry after the semifinal in which his team lost the chance to opt for the gold medal: “Our tactics were not good now. Our tactics were not believing in the offense, but to generate them issues from the defense and a lot of goals were scored by them. And ofcourse in the second half happened our level in offense wasn’t as great as in the first half and also that’s why the Russian team took the bonus, notably on the first moments, when they shot the leadership of this scoreboard very simple after which it was almost impossible to come back because they played the scoreboard inside their own side ”.

Despite his disappointment for having lost the game, the Spanish trainer highlighted the fighting spirit of his players: “I have to say, it doesn’regardless of what happened now, or what will happen the day after tomorrow, but everybody knows these Romanian girls are fantastic, are beautiful and they’re doing a very good job. And now we tried, we put everything but Russia did it better, that’s why we are also fulfilled because we played with a good team. We did more and all, but we still couldn’t today”.

Russia will play with the last of this European tournament on Sunday, their next since Sweden 2006. The coached by Evgeny Trefilov have never been European champions, and rsquo & this;therefore after having got gold in World Championships and Olympic Games, that the only title they lack. Romania might need to fight to enter the podium whenever they play for the next place in just two days time.


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