Saquon Barkley broke a 52-yard streak in the first half and he credits the Giants receivers’ down field blocking in which makes it a big play. 

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — Saquon Barkley was talking about one of the jaw-dropping runs after Sunday’s demolition of the Washington Redskins and seemingly stopped mid-sentence.

“Could we speak about Shep’s obstruct on that play?

The nyc Giants‘ rookie running back wanted to charge wide receiver Sterling Shepard for his part from the 52-yard run directly ahead of the two-minute warning at the first half. The play began running away from Shepard, who secured up cornerback Fabian Moreau. Since Barkley left defenders miss and broke free, Shepard hurried 4-5 yards down field for a final crushing hit which put Redskins cornerback Josh Norman on his rear side and also enabled Barkley to obtain the following 14 yards and nearly reach the end zone.


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