Even the Kansas City Chiefs are among the NFL’s greatest and most enjoyable teams all year old. However, after an loss Thursday night, then they are fighting to keep on to the guide in their division. A wild 29-28 reduction to the Los Angeles Chargers left an electronic link atop the AFC West.

Let’s get to the particulars of the NFL playoff movie as it would look if the growing season had ended today after Chargers’ mad.

Notice: X denotes a team that’s clinched a playoff berth, while shows a team that’s clinched its branch.


The Chiefs missed a chance to secure the AFC West and also be in position to clinch home-field advantage as early as Sunday. They remain under the division for a better division record (4 1 ) compared to Chargers (3-2), and if both teams have exactly the exact identical lead to Week 16 — win or lose — that the division title will return to Week 17. The Chiefs will need to succeed at home against the Raiders to clinch.

Next up: at Seattle Seahawks (Week 16)

Sunday’s last-play tragedy in Miami delayed the Patriots’ inevitable AFC East title party for one. ESPN’s Football Power Index still gives them a 99.2 percent opportunity to gain the division. However, it will be extremely difficult to leapfrog the Chiefs (or even Chargers) for home-field advantage during the playoffs.

Next up: at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Texans’ opportunity was hurried with the Titans’ victory on Thursday. However, Houston is still up two games across Colts and the Titans with three to play. Which usually means that the Texans can clinch the division as early as Week 15, should they win in the greek and both the Titans and Colts lose.

Next up: at Ny Jets (Saturday)

A series has ended the Steelers’ likelihood to obtaining a first-round bye. It has loosened what appeared a stranglehold in the AFC North. They are separated by only a half-game from the Ravens. Worse: The Steelers’ next two games are at home against the Patriots and then at the Saints. Could they arrive at eight wins? FPI gives them a 71.3 percent opportunity to get the playoffs, and 65.7 percent chance to gain the division. However, this is becoming much closer than anticipated.

They have more work todo, although the Chargers clinched a playoff berth with the win on Thursday night. Their Week 17 game will be an even spot, at the Broncos compared to Chiefs would end up . However, with just two games left, that the Chargers end up at a position where they may have the No. 1 seed or be considered a 13-3 wild-card team.

Sunday’s loss in Kansas City was as painful as it could have been. After the dust settled Sunday afternoon, the Ravens still had not been knocked out of the No. 6 spot. Victories by the Titans, Dolphins and Colts generated a quartet of 7-6 teams. However, the fourway tie-breaker is held by the Ravens and have a home game in Week 15. Even the Steelers’ loss, meanwhile, puts straight back the Ravens genuinely in to the AFC North race.

Up: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In the hunt: Indianapolis Colts (7-6), Miami Dolphins (7-6), Tennessee Titans (7-6), Denver Broncos (6-7), Cleveland Browns (5-7-1).

The Saints took back control of home-field edge from the NFC playoffs along with the Rams’ reduction in Chicago. Two of their three games are against the Panthers, who’ve dropped during a five-game losing series.

Next up: at Carolina Panthers

The Rams haven’t inspired much confidence as they dropped out of the top seed at the summit they could win an NFC playoff game in the street, an message. Their two losses this season have come at the standings against the teams on either side of them: Bears and the Saints. All three of these remaining opponents have losing records, and also two of the games will be at home, but the Saints may not provide them yet another chance.

Next up: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Bears are left by sunday’s victory over the Rams potentially one week off from clinching the NFC North. They can do it with a triumph from the Packers 15. A bye isn’t from the question but could require just two losses by the Rams within the last 3 weeks.

Up: vs. Greenbaypackers

Winners of five successive games, the Cowboys have run away with the NFC East. They could clinch the division as early as Week 15 with a victory at Indianapolis. Whether it happens or not, FPI endeavors the division title is just really actually a near certainty at 99.3 percent. That’s pretty awesome for a team that dropped in the first week of November.

Next up: at Indianapolis Colts

5. Seattle Seahawks (8-5)

Monday night’s victory over the Vikings all but wrapped up a playoff spot for a team that started 0-2 but has won four successive games. FPI provides the Seahawks a 99 percent chance to get the playoffs.

Next up: at Sanfrancisco 49ers

Inspite of defeats Monday’s discouraging night, the Vikings arose from Week 14. Losses by the Panthers, Eagles and Redskins left just six NFC teams with records at .500 or above. As a result, the Vikings still have a healthier 56 percentage possiblity to get to the playoffs, as stated by FPI.

Next up: vs. Miami Dolphins

In the hunt: Carolina Panthers (6-7), Philadelphia Eagles (6-7), Washington Redskins (6-7), Green Bay Packers (5-7-1), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (58 )


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