PHILADELPHIA — Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz comes with a stress fracture on his spine, coach Doug Pederson said Friday, an accident that could take about three weeks to heal.

Pederson, throughout a stressed back-and-forth with the press, said it is a harm that has”evolved with the years” and won’t need surgery.

Wentz will be recorded as questionable and will proceed with the team for Sunday’s match against the Los Angeles Rams, Pederson said. However, given the projected recovery period, it seems unlikely Wentz and the rest of the summer growing season will play.

Superbowl MVP Nick Foles begins if Wentz can’t go.

Wentz was recorded on the accident report in late October as a limited participant with a spine injury on Wednesdays. Asked if the strain fracture was related to that trauma, Pederson raised his voice.

“He’s got an anxiety injury, evolved with the years and it requires no surgery,” Pederson said. “I’m not answering anymore questions about any of this. We’re playing the Rams in 2 days, in the event that you guys have not figured this out.”

The questions accounted for about 10 more minutes and Pederson went on to offer additional information. He said he anticipates that a recovery for Wentz.

The fracture has been discovered as a result of a scan on Tuesday, in accordance with Pederson.

“Until you do a scan, you don’t know,” he explained, but added”we do a good deal of testing each week on a great deal of players.”

Pederson clarified why he hadn’t any concern about having Wentz play while this accident was getting worse.

“there have been not any symptoms,” Pederson said. “He was 100 percent, he also practiced. He wasn’t on the accident report for it particular. So yeah, I still had no issue with that.”

Pederson does not anticipate any problems like Wentz being a result of this trauma.

“the very simple fact that he doesn’t need surgery on this could be the best news that you might possibly possess on anyone that has a stress fracture or even a stress accident in this situation,” he explained. “Provided that we carry the correct steps to make sure that all our players are 100 percent, then [there isn’t any concern].”


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