Alonso beat Vandoorne in every session at 2018 and was last outqualified from the 20 17 Malaysian Grand Prixand also a streak of 26 races.  

He’s not expected to come back to the grid after stepping away from McLaren to get 20-19 and billing the Abu Dhabi season finale as his F1 farewell.

Alonso, a two time world champion and veteran 311 starts, said that his extracurricular activities in IndyCar and the World Endurance Championship at 2017 and 2018 played an role in achieving “a thing that I never reached within my career” in his final F1 season.

“It is hard to know your rate in the car,” said Alonso. “this past year it has been my best season by far concerning qualifying conflicts, and Now you only can stick to the amounts.

“I’m fast and Thus, I believe I’m competitive. Probably, analyzing the WEC programme this past season and day at IndyCar, I believe even a motorist that is complete, or even motorist.

“I understand the behaviour of the cars, additional driving techniques ways of saving energy, saving the cyclists.

“Thus, you’ve extra information from the outside and different engineers points of perspective, that makes you or [provides] a wider views of motorsport.

“unique philosophies’ overall concepts, I think it can help you like a motorist. ”

The next-best team mate was Charles Leclerc after rsquo & Alonso; s sweep.

Brendon Hartley along with toro Rosso set Pierre Gasly had the sessions but Gasly still won that struggle 12-6.

Romain Grosjean enjoyed the narrowest margin, over turning a first-half deficit to secure against the Haas battle 10-9.

F 1 2018 Team-mate qualifying conflict

A contrast of each intra-team qualifying struggle, based on quests equally motorists participate in and with anomalies like reliability problems excluded (e.g. Grosjean’s motor collapse at Canada)


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