Gegard Mousasi, the current Bellator middle weight winner, faced Machida on a UFC card at Brazil at 2014. Machida arrived of the UFC Fight Night 3 6 bout a straightforward unanimous decision victor on a set of 50-45 scorecards and also a 49-46.

Afterward there’s Ryan Bader, who holds the Bellator lightheavyweight belt and also can compete to the heavy weight title at the Grand Prix championship match against Fedor Emelianenko the following month. When Bader charged right into a picture-perfect finish, machida scored one of the most remarkable knockouts of his livelihood back at Los Angeles in UFC on FOX 4.

However, Machida is among the cleverest fighters at the match, and while he certainly foresees championships in his near future he’s not likely to simply assume he’d be fulfilling the Mousasi of both 2014 and the Bader of 2012 if the rematches of well-remembered UFC bouts have come to maneuver at the Bellator cage.

“Ryan Bader is much improved as a fighter,” MMA Fighting was told by Machida. “You view it at the outcomes of his struggles. I’m not likely to anticipate him to be exactly the same person, When I go to struggle with Ryan again. Mousasi, too. Gegard has been very good in their own struggles. ”

Still rsquo, Machida didn &;t jump to Bellator only to flee on a retirement tour. Authentic, Machida is 40, but as his contemporaries who’ve dropped by the wayside he has not absorbed almost as much damage as a result of style with which he has fought through the years.

And as openly because Machida admits that Bader and Mousasi have made adjustments for their games, he & ’s quick to explain that you shouldn’t assume that he’s not continuing to learn and grow as a rival.

“They’ve improved, nevertheless they cannot change whatever,” Machida stated. “They cannot change the heart of who they’re. I’m always learning and advancing. I won’t struggle with exactly the same competition but they won’t be fighting the same opponent from back then. ”

Naturally, we’re getting ahead of ourselves on here. Carvalho mightn’t have the name recognition at the United State who Mousasi and Bader own, but he’s an outstanding competitor who is really just actually a finisher and held Bellator’s belt to get two years before losing the title to Mousasi in might.

He also knows his peers do, too, and whether or not the public recognizes Carvalho & rsquo; s skills, Machida does, he wished to carry on a true challenge in his company debut, and that & rsquo; s.

“Rafael isn’t a joke, person,” Machida stated. “Rafael can be a winner. I understand very well what he could perform. He could be among the most useful from the sport. I’m serious about needing a title fight and I want so I will show I’m ready to get a title taken a competition who is able to bring the best out of me. ”

You won & rsquo; t — beat Carvalho and use it as a launch pad while Machida is making no secret of their future plans.

“The drag on ” features a pleasant reputation as one of many game ’s classiest fighters, and while many others who’ve abandoned the UFC have gone out of the way to squander their prior promotion in a fashion which causes splashy headlines, Machida has nothing to say about his former promoter.

“I’ve got a run from the UFC. Many of my struggles and moments were at the UFC and they were always fantastic to me. However, this can be a business decision, and this can be a business, and Bellator has been very welcoming and made it clear they’re getting to do good organization. I don’t have the time because I am looking to keep my legacy here to look back on the past. ”


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