The decision is based on suggestions produced by way of a special task force, including representatives of stakeholders including clubs, leagues and players, that met in Zagreb in January 2018 on the fringes of the adult men ’s EHF EURO 2018, also as an element of the EHF’s efforts to guarantee good governance.

In accordance with EHF approaches, the global calendar is published 20 months to ensure the full time for championships and federations to get ready for upcoming seasons.

As a result of close working relationship involving your EHF and IHF — the body responsible to its scheduling of their international calendar global — the execution of these shift has been granted.

Longer fracture for top gamers

A request by Europe & rsquo’s representatives top players in the taskforce was for a restructure of the calendar to permit for a break and more time for you to regenerate ahead of the beginning of the next season.

Taking this into consideration, the team will be moved each season.

This shift will mean that players will not play with any eligibility matches subsequent to the golf season’s end.

For the organisers and participants of most major events, this finish of the qualification round may allow additional time for preparations in addition to the scheduling of EHF EURO final tournament brings in a previous date.

Club year to finish with FINAL4

The brand new international calendar may signify a change in the date for males ’women s & rsquo;s EHF events out of 2021.

The guys ’s event will be played in the exact middle of June (12/13 June 2021) and also the ladies ’s event at the close of May each season (29/30 might 2021).

From the foreseeable long run all leagues in Europe is going to undoubtedly be asked to finish one week before each situation and the EHF FINAL4 will be the ultimate event played by top players annually.

In 2021, this may definitely mean Europe&rsquo women’s national leagues ending by and men’s leagues by 5/6 June 2021. There’ll be no team tasks that are further after this date in the calendar year.

All players will therefore be able to start their summer break after these matches, expect for those competing at the EHF FINAL4 events, who can start their regeneration period.

Advantages also for national leagues

Further advantages are now offered by the updated calendar of both the men ’rsquo women & s;s domestic leagues that are national.

It supplies the leagues in Europe a period in which to complete their last matches of the growing season prior to each event.

New shore handball week

The EHF Executive Committee affirmed that a shore week will be added to the calendaryear.



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