The manufacturer championship came to the strength of 1 9 Ford drivers combining to acquire 3 6 series races.

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Obviously, Ford might like to carry on its high performance performance but you can find a handful potential barriers ahead in 2019 — Ford is still transitioning to using the Mustang version within the Cup series and NASCAR has a brand new package of aero rules coming out next season.

We talked with Mark Rushbrook, worldwide manager of Ford Performance, about what lies ahead for its manufacturer in NASCAR next season throughout his recent trip to the Ford Performance technical center in Concord, N.C.

Ford Performance is coming off the highest of highs, therefore what’s the mood going into the 2019 season?

Rushbrook: I presume excitement — all through our company, in Dearborn (Mich.), the technology center and across our racing teams. To have in NASCAR and in Cup ve had, there is enthusiasm to carry this success into 2019. Yes, there is a brand new car with the Mustang and also a brand fresh group of aero rules, your body package and the engines, but I presume there is excitement enclosing the success and knowing we now have good teams, excellent engineers, superior drivers with whom we will compete.

What do you believe could have the greatest affect Ford being successful again in 2019 — the adjustment to the Mustang and also the alteration to the new aero rules package?

Rushbrook: All these are very important. We won & rsquo; t do both, if we can & rsquo . Since the date of this entry of the Mustang human anatomy, we’ve been hard at work to make sure we completely understand it and exactly what it’s definitely going to have to succeed on path and among, the principles package was published and that kind of adjusted our program. The rules package requires aero and more than only your human body, it affects the engines. Our mindset from a performance standpoint is that we ’t made to pinpoint everything.

It’s been a little while since Ford has been able to observe a driver’s championship in the Cup series. What does that do as a whole considering how much one’s motor sports emphasis is set in NASCAR?

First of all, in the WRC program and in Australia , it & rsquo we’d triumph in NASCAR Cup but in the GT method, in 2018 . It extends back 4 years after we made your decision go win championships and races and to eventually become more serious, more competitive. It does take time to create your tools to be able to deliver all. It came in 2018 across every one of the series. It’s rsquo; re & feedback we. We need to maintain that momentum, so maintain that attention and focus to detail. We are able to ’t even break. This is rushing ? We need to continue.

Could it be a big sigh of relief to finally be able to end the drought of a driver and manufacturer championships in the Cup series?

Rushbrook: it’s a sigh of relief however, the pressure isn’t gone as the expectations is always to really go do it again next year. That’therefore the goal, right? You would like to keep the momentum. Yes, we’t enjoyed several parties because the checkered flag at Homestead but everyone is back in full-throttle working toward 2019.

What Sort of winner is Joey Logano for Ford Performance and NASCAR?

Rushbrook: Joey is Superb. On the track, clearly together with the degree of aggression and all his skill and the capability to really go do it. On this final re start at Homestead, I will remember this for ever, seeing Joey pass Martin (Truex Jr.) the manner he did, with certainty and confidence he was planning to get him in this corner. What he can OnTrack is unquestionable. But what he can off the trail is incredible — also I’damn glad to see it’s been recognized in addition. Thanksgiving dinners the night the effect of his foundation and he used appearance as a platform to further some of his foundation initiatives.


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