EAGAN, Minn. — The Monday Night Football audience did not only feel Adam Thielen‘s frustrations, they learned them.

After a 35-yard catch-and-run ahead of this two-minute warning at the second half of the Minnesota Vikings’ 217 loss at the Seattle Seahawks, ESPN’s field mics picked up a colorful outburst when the Pro Bowl wide receiver voiced his concern with that which was transpiring on crime.

Thielen leads the NFL in receptions, together with 10 3, since he posted 100 yards receiving for eight weeks to start the summer season, but his production has decreased considerably. Thielen was not targeted and did not catch his first pass until 6:12 left in the 3rd quarter. For the very first time in the last two seasons, he still failed to catch a pass at an half.

“A little bit frustration of moving the ball” Thielen said of his outburst. “If you are an athlete and a competitor, you really feel like it’s possible to win. So, you want the ball in mind, you want chances. So that is probably where that came from.”

It’s nothing like he was not getting open. On the 2nd drive of the game of Minnesota, Thielen was 20 metres downfield. Sensing pressure, quarter back Kirk Cousins dumped a pass behind him to conducting back Latavius Murray that went for 2 metres. Rather than finding Thielen on upside down in Seattle’s 1-yard lineup with more than eight minutes to perform at the game, Cousins targeted tight wind Kyle Rudolph in dual policy at the back of the end zone. The pass was divided, and the Vikings did not dent.

Thielen’s production dip was noticeable as Week 9, if his 100-yard series was snapped with the Detroit Lions.

After averaging 115.6 yards receiving in the first eight matches of this season while grabbing 76 percentage of his goals, Thielen has captured 64 percentage of his intentions within the last five weeks while averaging 62.2 metres per game.

Thielen isn’t the only one whose numbers have diminished following a hot start. Diggs went three straight matches without eclipsing 100 yards receiving, and he was clearly frustrated during a defeat at the New England Patriots as cameras captured him ripping his helmet off and yelling after getting left open.

So what’s happening?

“I think a great deal of discussion, even talking for my own family after the game, they noticed watching on TV of both Adam and Stefon are being doubled and taken away,” Cousins said following tilt in Seattle. “That was true probably the initial two third drawbacks of this game, after which really the rest of the game that I did not notice it showing up. While this really is happening — that happened against the Lions, that happened against the Patriots plus it’s really going to occur. However, it is not play in and play all game . Therefore that I really don’t need to emphasise that. Certainly, every once in awhile they’ll be “

When putting two defenders on one player teams utilize bracket coverage, but the way that the Patriots and Seahawks chose to double Diggs and Thielen with defenders is not as common. However, it’s far from surprising that teams have started to deploy this strategy to comprise the receiving duo that is successful.

“I did not ever think I would secure triple-teamed,” Diggs said. “That is something that I have never seen in my own life. For me, I could beat on double teams. I feel as though that I could win. And whether it’s just three guys, I have got to beat on three guys. It does not really matter how it pops up. However more to the point, we’ve got guys on the outside that could acquire, of course, if I’m inhabiting three people, I understand we’ve got some guys out there that can get involved.”

Interim offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski hopes to reignite Thielen and Diggs on Sunday at home against the Miami Dolphins at a game that may establish the tone offensively for what the Vikings try to do the rest of the summer season.

“I believe that it’s our job and we’re charged with getting people guys the football in space,” Stefanski said. “It changes, and it varies by game, because certain teams have a certain plan to just get those 2 guys away. The part is we now have a really unselfish set, so if it is going to be a huge Stefon Diggs game, Adam’s amazing about any of it. If there is going to be a Kyle Rudolph game, those guys are amazing about any of it.

“therefore, I believe that the ball goes at which the ball goesbut we coaches, want to try and design plays to get the ball, obviously, to your play makers.”

Another manner Stefanski could accomplish this is by simply getting running back Dalvin Cook more associated with the passing game.

Cook has 50 yards receiving on just 1 3 grabs on the last two matches, and chances to get him engaged in the passing game could enable him evolve to the Vikings’ No. 3 receiver. Both touchdowns he’s scored this season attended as a pass catcher.

The influences Stefanski and the offensive coordinators pull apart he’s worked under will begin to become clear. But judging by the success former Vikings offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur had using running springs using displays, specially at the passing game, Cook can get more involved.


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