While the Warriors’ starting line up has been being introduced, an old clip of an astronaut walking on the moon was played on the huge video displays inside Golden 1 Center as”Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, We are Going to the Moon” by the Kiboomers blared onto the speakers. The Warriors players got a nod out of the trolling, as several looked up from the seat and laughed.

The jokes did not quit there, as members of this Kings match ops team organized cutouts of astronauts and also the moon itself behind Golden State’s basket since Kevin Durant shooter free throws throughout the first quarter.

In the middle of lighthearted conversation among Curry, team mate Andre Iguodala, Atlanta Hawks players Vince Carter along with Kent Bazemore and co-host Annie Finberg, the group went from talking about exactly what noise that a stunt designed to the possibility that the moon landing did not actually come about.

“We ever been to the moon” Curry asked.

After several voices said,”No,” Curry responded,”They are going to come , I don’t think so either. But I don’t want to start conspiracies.”

The comments immediately went also and viral Curry confessed being surprised just how big the narrative turned into. NASA invited Curry to visit the lunar lab in Houston to tour the centre, after hearing concerning the comments. Curry told ESPN he was joking about the original comments, but would”1,000 percent” accept NASA’s invitation.


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