DENVER — as the Denver Nuggets along with Oklahoma City Thunder constructed to get a jump ball with 33.8 minutes to enter Denver’s 109-98 success Friday, Russell Westbrook along with Jamal Murray got crossover with one another, bringing both teams together to get a small squabble.

After an overview, both the players were assessed technical fouls.

“I was standing in my own spot, ” he tried to step , and then he pushed me ,” Murray said. “I suppose that they were losing or whatever, therefore I really don’t understand, ask him.”

Said Westbrook:”He was in my manner “

Paul George along with Torrey Craig faced off for the jump ballwith Westbrook and Murray jostling for position at the top of the key. Murray stood Westbrook and his ground pushed himbringing on a good deal of jawing and some light pushing. Westbrook spoke crap on the floor to every one.

“Like I said, I did not do anything,” Murray said. “It was probably because he was losing”

Westbrook has a long history with the Nuggets along with their fans in Denver, together with run-ins extending to their mascot, Rocky. Last week, a fan ran onto the court after a game-winning shot at Gary Harris to yell in Westbrook’s face. Friday’s game had to be stopped in the first half since both Westbrook and Steven Adams engaged in some discussing with a courtside fan.

Asked if Murray said something that triggered their skirmish Friday,” Westbrook said,”I really do not understand. It do not really matter. It doesn’t mean nothing whatsoever “

After temporarily cooling down, the kerfuffle started to churn straight back up prompting Nuggets coach Mike Malone grab Murray and to operate onto the floor, yanking him.

“Being smart,” Malone explained. “We are up [nine] with 35 minutes to go, and they’re trying to maybe get under our skin, get us to collapse for a tech. Can not afford to do that. It’s a nice line. He is a player that is psychological. Take advantage of your emotion, but do not allow it to get away from you”

Wondering if Westbrook had gotten under his skin,” Murray said,”We are up, there is 30 minutes left. What are you wanting me to complete? I’m not doing anything. … If he did that the little sooner, maybe I would’ve needed more things. I actually don’t understand.”

Murray has received a few dust-ups with teams and can be famous for playing emotion, however, Malone said he enjoys Murray.

“He’s to,” Malone explained. “That’s when he plays his very best. A good deal of guys and emotion can’t play. Some guys may. Jamal, for me being around the sport for quite a while, is one of the better players that when he gets emotional, he’s a player. He thrives on that emotion. We’re developing a personality. And to get a team to be doing exactly what we do. The confidence is that and I feel the strength is starting to show itself”

Murray was dealing with a contusion, and it was initially unclear how much he’d play from the Thunder. He was big down the stretch since the defense of OKC, hitting on a number of big jumpers to help seal the game that beaming the Nuggets back beneath the West.

“We are going to back down from anybody,” Malone explained. “in no way are we the Bad Boys from back in the’80s, the game has changed, however, we have developed a confidence, we have developed a working and a resiliency. This is our homecourt. Last year We’d 31 dwelling wins here.

The Nuggets are 2-0 from the Thunder this season.


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