However, this ’s not the case for Neiman Gracie along with Ed Ruth.

Certainly one of the biggest attractions in Bellator now may be your promotion’s welterweight grandprix, which features among its positions 170-pound champion Rory MacDonald.

MacDonald vs. Fitch is too close to call, Gracie says. He could easily see MacDonald knocking Fitch out, or Fitch out-grappling the champion.

In any event, whomever wins, Gracie expects to shoot the Bellator belt in 20-19 off from him.

The Gracie family hasn’t possess a mixed martial arts champion in the USA since Royce Gracie’s ancient days in the significantly a lot more than 2 decades past, and now Neiman is excited to make history to the clan.

”It would be wonderful to have a Gracie winning a tournament, being towards the very best,” he lasted. “Being a champion has ever been my plan and what’s moving according to the plan. God willing, everything will be okay and we will have yet another Gracie towards the most effective. ”

The new creation of the family also includes Khonry Gracie, who scored his first win against Ron Becker in Bellator 209, also Robson Gracie Jr.. , that earns his MMA debut at Friday’s Bellator 212 against Brysen Bolohao.

”My family has already established so that I fight for my history and also for myself. My family’s history was written already and it out will not be changed by anything. ”

Undefeated inside the Bellator cage in eight bouts, half these, Gracie should get for to his championship game in MMA, also feels ready after a “flawless ” training camp.

Ruth is really a decorated wrestler who won six of his MMA bouts from the Bellator cage. Yet, Gracie doesn’t even see lots of similarities between the two prospects’ alterations out of the grappling world to mixed martial arts.

Avoiding the ground is exactly what Gracie expects Ruth todo in Honolulu, but it isn’t even something fresh to the specialist.

”This ’s I trained to,” Gracie explained. “That will be his game plan, try to keep it on the feet and use his wrestling in order to avoid take downs, but every one I’ve fought so far tries to accomplish exactly the exact identical thing, prevent the ground game at all costs, also I’ve ever been able to iict my game. It will end up just like any additional fight.


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