UFC on FOX 31: Lee vs. Iaquinta 2 happened Sept. 8 at the Fiserv Forum at Milwaukee, Wis.. The video highlights above.

For much more on Lee vs. Iaquinta 2, Checkout the play-by-play Thanks to MMA Fighting’s Alexander K. Lee.

Iaquinta trying to grab rsquo & Lee;s leg ancient. He lands a leg kick, but Lee pops him. Iaquinta grabs the leg lands a spinning back elbow. Body psychologist for Iaquinta. Lands were left by Directly on rsquo & Iaquinta . Body psychologist for Lee. Iaquinta fires back with a pair of hooks to Lee&rsquo. Lee lands an leg kick. Good boxing out of men. Iaquinta&rsquo take down efforts are currently causing Lee to hesitate. Iaquinta comes with a 1-2. Outside leg kick scores for Iaquinta. 1-1-2 from Iaquinta. Iaquinta first on those trades, rsquo & Lee;s hands.

Round 2: Lee backs Iaquinta up having a directly right over the top. That leg kick is money to get Iaquinta. Iaquinta lands a human body punch, but Lee finally goes to get a take down. He secures a body lock and gets in deep, muscling Iaquinta down. One among Iaquinta’Lee lands along with s legs is trapped solid ground-and-pound. Body triangle is around for Lee. He scores with punches and fists from control. Big elbows by Lee across the sides of rsquo & Iaquinta ;s head. Tons of time for Lee to work. Iaquinta can spin and break the lockthen put the fight back into the feet. Lee having a jab pops, then would go to your system. Left upper cut scores for Iaquinta. He’s timing his jab and landing it again. Iaquinta having an inside leg kick, Lee responds, but eats the ideal hand due to his troubles. They exchange right hands to end the round.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Lee. In general, 19-19.

Round 3: They trade kicks to your system to get started. Lee with all the ideal hook, however he’s having trouble landing without getting countered. Iaquinta with the jab, then he consumes a counterpunch. Iaquinta answers of pawing punches with a pair. Single leg, stuffed by Lee. He gets in with a leg and carries Iaquinta down. Iaquinta adapting to the fence and he’s walking back up, Lee staying heavy. Lee remains locked on until Iaquinta can be lifted by him and liquefy him forward putting himself into position. Back into your system triangle and he’s looking for a tease. Only over one minute remaining in the circular. Since they hand fight there & rsquo; SA stalemate. Lee with some ground-and-pound. The round ends with Lee punching away from rsquo & Iaquinta again.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Lee.

Round 4: Iaquinta steps lands and in a thick right punch. He’s putting slightly bit more steam onto his strikes and that hand is doing some serious damage. Lee backing-up, but he takes the other right. Yet another directly down the centre. Head kick towards the top of rsquo & Lee ;s head. He grabs Iaquinta with a counter-left. Iaquinta slips lands and a punch another ideal hand. 1-1-2,” Lee is getting hauled up. He’so with his jab. Iaquinta is currently tagging him within an dover again. Body psychologist for Lee. Super man hit by Iaquinta dominates, then he scores with a left over the top. Body psychologist by Iaquinta. He finishes together with the other successful right hand.

In general, 38-38.

Lee goes for one leghe’s deep in, Iaquinta defends well and takes the corner, so they all both ’r e scrambling and Iaquinta goes up against the fencing. Lee low trying to find one leg. Iaquinta has his heels against he the fence ’s avoiding the take down. Lee remains he & rsquo s back Iaquinta attempts to maneuver out. Iaquinta fractures that up and they’re in the center of the Octagon. Lee cannot avert that hand. Iaquinta understands a jab of their own, although nice jab from Lee. Iaquinta ducks to a top kick. Iaquinta lands two hard drives into the mind and gets in. For each and each jab Lee lands, Iaquinta appears to clip against him good shots. 1-2 to get Iaquinta at the last 30 minutes. Directly into the human anatomy for Iaquinta, afterward he lands a front kick to the chin. The other hand by this and Iaquinta is his fight.

Overall, 48-47 Iaquinta.


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