MINNEAPOLIS — Ryan Tannehill saw the pocket close around him while being sacked for the ninth time, and also the Miami Dolphins‘ playoffs hopes awakened into the bottom with him.

Adhering to the high of the Miami Miracle, the Dolphins came out of the gate gradually in a critical game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. It felt whilst the Vikings went up 21-0 in the first quarter, just like the two teams were at various leagues.

“Whooping our ass, that’s what they did,” said Dolphins running Kenyan Drake, that thought he let down the team and played with his worst game of the summer season as a result of his function in overhaul defense struggles.

Drake wasn’t alone When he did. The Dolphins were outgained 418-193 at a game. They went 2-of-12 on third down. Tannehill was nine times the error of the offensive line. He completed passes. His sofa meters (71) virtually obliterated his passing yards (108).

By the fourth quarter, the Vikings looked as if they drank bloodstream, attacking Tannehill and the Dolphins’ lineup on every single play.

“Protection-wise, we’re dreadful,” trainer Adam Gase stated.

After one of the hardest offensive showings from the Gase era, the Dolphins’ locker room didn’t appear somber or mad as it has been after reductions. With a few players, there appeared to be a sense of resignation. The inconsistency that had characterized Miami’s season showed before a significant game and there was no answer as to why.

Tannehill, that directed blame at the crime as a whole and not simply the linementioned his own disappointment Sunday turned out.

The Vikings’ nine sacks tied for the second by a team at a game this season. It was a career high for Tannehill — who failed to recognize his route that is sexy on several others had no luck on many plays.

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr was a frequent blitzer and finished the day with two sacks. Defensive ending Danielle Hunter also had success on the border with two sacks.

“It seemed just like eight of these were coming every drama. We couldn’t have it figured out and on precisely the same page together. It ended up starting a snowball effect,” Dolphins right shield Jesse Davis stated. “Signaling security starts with the quarterback giving the Mike [linebacker] point, and your center on getting us on the identical page.

Vikings defensive ending Everson Griffen added:”They didn’t understand where we were going to come from.”

The Dolphins’ defense set the crime in a rough position giving up three consecutive touchdowns to begin the video game.

Miami has a lot of issues to fix going in to the 2019 offseason, but we’ll learn a lot about this team from how it plays on the previous two games vs. Jacksonville and at Buffalo.

The Dolphins were the only team of the band.

The FPI of ESPN lists the Dolphins’ playoff odds at 3 per cent. There’s a chance that if the Dolphins win outside, they are going to be at home come playoff time.

“It is out of our hands at the moment. We do not have any hands in this circumstance,” Tannehill said. “We will require a good deal of assistance.”


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