Meeting in Paris ahead of their final matches of their Women’s EHF EURO 2018, its initial decisions have been now reached by the EHF Executive Committee to the worldwide media.

Even the EHF Executive has declared a raft of changes having to do with the federation’s the worldwide calendar, top club competitions and also a new & lsquo; appointment to view & rsquo; for competitions from the start of this 2020/21 season.

16-team format for EHF Champions League

The two males ’s and also rsquo & the women;s EHF Champions League will be played at a format from the 2020/21 season.

Playing in two sets of eight, the EHF’s premier club handball competitions will be played at a roundrobin group phase, a play-off knock out round (with teams ranked 36 from the group phase), quarter-finals and the EHF FINAL4.

The top two clubs in each class will bypass the round and jump straight to the quarter-finals.

European Handball League — structure modification and also a brand fresh name for second tier contests

A totally new development is on the second tier of European rivals. This degree of competition is going to be given a look below the banner of lsquo this &;European Handball League’.

The men’s competition is going to be played 24 teams from the group stages (four sets of six teams per day ) and the women’s competition with 16 teams (four sets of four teams).

At a brand fresh development, the Women’s European Handball League will even end with a final-four championship at the end of the season, bringing it in accordance with the males ’s competition, which has been played the EHF Cup Finals since 2012.

Challenge Cup becomes EHF Cup

European competition’s amount is going to be kept becoming the brand new EHF Cup from the beginning of this 2020/21 season.

International calendar: more fracture for top gamers supported

A 20 months ahead of the start of season, the worldwide calendar for 2020/21 was approved.

Following tips developed with a special task force including stakeholders including representatives of clubs, players and leagues, the worldwide calendar was adapted to provide players having a break ahead of this future season.

By rescheduling the EHF & rsquo; s team weeks from midJune each year this will probably be accomplished. Players will be asked to play with any European eligibility matches following the end of the golf club season.

A additional change will see rsquo; women s & rsquo & that a rescheduling of these adult guys;s EHF FINAL4 events. Across Europe these events will indicate the official ending of this season By 2020/21.

The ladies ’s event will probably be scheduled at the end of May as well as both males ’s for midJune. All national leagues will be asked to finish one week until the women’rsquo & men or s;s EHF FINAL4 events.

Appointment to see: mid-week move for high men’s competitions

By fans will know when to tune in to watch their club playing in top-class European team handball action.

It has been confirmed that the Men’s EHF Champions League and European Handball League will proceed to mid week slots.

The guys ’s EHF Champions League with 16 teams will be played Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Even the second-tier guys ’s European Handball League is going to be played Tuesday evenings, with an option for matches to be played on Wednesdays.

All girls ’s competitions including rsquo & the Women;European Hand Ball League and s EHF Champions League will last to be played at times on Saturdays and Sundays.

The brand new third tier, EHF Cup, mainly involving non-professional or semiprofessional teams are also played at the weekend.


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