BALTIMORE — there have been several loud groans at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday if Lamar Jackson pitched a pass into a Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker and fumbled once more.

You will find also collective gasps once the Baltimore Ravens‘ rookie quarterback somehow eluded the pass rush at the pocket and then broke for a 20-yard run.

Inconsistent and electric, Jackson has shown consequences in 1 area — successes. Jackson’s winning touch lifted Baltimore to a 20-12 triumph within the Buccaneers.

Now 41 as a beginner, Jackson helped the Ravens (8-6) keep grip of their No. 6 seed from the AFC, putting them in position to take over first place in the AFC North if the Pittsburgh Steelers drop Towards the New England Patriots afterwards on Sunday.

Despite paying the ball and making a off target throws, Jackson continues to make progress also also at times takes the match with his thighs over.

Jackson’s 226 total yards were not quite as far as Tampa Bay’s entire crime (241).

It’s never pretty. It’s never smooth. But Jackson responds at the minutes and places together pushes. Three of his scoring string had plays16, 15 and 10.

Following his inaugural fumble of the growing season resulted in a Tampa Bay touchdown,” Jackson led Baltimore on a 16-play, 73-yard driveway that took eight minutes away from the clock and put the Ravens ahead 7-6 to a 5-yard shovel pass into Chris Moore.

Jackson driveway came after half time. In the opening drive of the 2nd half, Jackson thew a 17-yard pass to Mark Andrews onto third-and-7 and ran for 22 yards to convert on second-and-16. That long the Ravens’ lead also Baltimore shut out the match then.

One complaint is that the Ravens and Jackson have taken good advantage of a number of their worst defenses in the NFL. That affects next Sunday, Once the multiplayer play in the Los Angeles Chargers in a game that is full of playoff effects.


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