Heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has encouraged additional athletes to speak about mental health issues afterwards he confronted his or her own”terrible” issues.

“If I could speak about [mentalhealth ] – heavy weight champion, six foot 18 rock difficult man – everyone could,” he said at the 2018 Sports Personality of the Year ceremony.

“Anyone will get help, without a doubt.”

Fury added that dealing with a knockdown against Wilder revealed his refusal to be beaten.

“lots of men could have remained down after being calmed by Deontay Wilder but that I wished to show that the world that such a thing was possible,” he said.

“No matter what you’ve been through in your life and no matter what you’re going through, you must always keep to get back up and carry on forward and fight .

“We will need to spread the word on mental-health more in sport because a great deal of individuals are living in darkness and so are too scared to come out and speak about it openly.”

Fury, who would be in line for a re match against American Wilder, could be attracted at the event in Birmingham on if he’d fight the WBC champion or Britain’s Anthony Joshua, who holds one other main heavy weight belts.

“I have nothing to mention about boxing,” he also added. “This year has been a fantastic year and I enjoyed every moment of it and that I hope that the fans enjoyed it just as much as I did but I’m just going to go home and spend a while together with family and also have a great xmas.”

Fury replicated his claims he needs to have won the fight Wilder.

He told Sports Personality host Gary Lineker:”It was a specific moment in my own career and my entire life.

“Everybody knows exactly what I’ve been through – 2018 and 20 17 were awful decades. This year I decided to get back to the top of the heavy weight boxing and that I forfeited and dedicated my entire life to the sport plus I should be the WBC heavyweight champion of the world and everybody knows it”


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