A defeat by Liverpool left their points tally in this time of a Premier League season and ex-players to Manchester United and pundits put the boot to Jose Mourinho’s side.

Three years back on 17 December 2015, Mourinho was sacked from Chelsea.

Per day short of the anniversary and the question on many lips will the exact same fate be in Old Trafford?

“I think that it may happen – my preference will always be for into the end of the season,” said former United defender Gary Neville on Sky Sports. “But the plank room is so naive it’s unbelievable.”

He further added:”The minute he [Mourinho] came straight back from afar that he was and the club was unmanageable. Nobody can handle him. They don’t really know just what direction to go with himthey don’t really know what to say to him. They don’t really know what he is going to say at each press conference. It’s going to cost a fortune to lose him now.”

United were outplayed in Sunday’s 3-1 loss at Anfield, which renders them in sixth, 19 points away leaders Liverpool.

“If you came from the moon now and knew nothing about football you’d say United are an ordinary Premier League side, nothing greater,” said former United captain Roy Keane.

“They are Manchester United of the 1980s, they can be a significant cup team”

“There is no excuses today. They’ve spent lots of money, they will have attracted players you’ve got pound & over;100m on the seat. To be this much behind is foolish. It’s not acceptable.

“exactly what United used to be, Liverpool are actually.”

Not one of the United midfielders can pass a football. I find it staggering. United were horrible. It’s not adequate “

The damning statistics

  • United have acquired 26 points after their initial 17 premierleague games, their worst things haul at the top flight at this point as 1990-91 (26 points).
  • They have surrendered 29 goals in the Premier League this season – yet another than they did in the entirety of their 2017/18 campaign (28).
  • 19 points off leaders Liverpool, 11 points off top four and closer into the relegation zone than the cap of the table.
  • One win in six league games and a goal difference .
  • Liverpool’s 19-point lead over United is their biggest ever lead following the first 17 games of a top flight year old.
  • Liverpool had 36 shots against United – the most the Red Devils have faced in a Premier League game since Opta started recording shot data in 2003-04.

‘The bar Should reset’

Signed a new deal before 20 20 with the club in January.

This past 12 months, he won Europa League and the League Cup in his first season, finished 2nd in the Premier League, but has fought on and off the pitch in 2018-19.

His side produced underwhelming performances since they qualified for its last-16 of their Champions League, left to target place with less than half of a season and were knocked in September.

Off the pitch he’s publicly remonstrated players along with also his connection with Paul Pogba, who he stripped of their vice-captaincy in September, stays rugged.

“Every press conference together with Mourinho is actually a soap opera,” said former Celtic and Chelsea striker Chris Sutton on Radio 5 live.

“The main point is, is he having the most out of the category of players? And we all know the answer.”

He added:”He’s in denial,” Jose – he is in cloudcuckooland. Liverpool were over the park to get 90 minutes and he says’for sure we’ll finish in the top six’.

“Is that what United buffs want to hear? They finished 2nd last season.”

Savage said:”I can not see the pattern of play, ” I can’t see the direction. Where is this United team going under Mourinho?

“Jose, you pick the players, so you put them on the pitch to perform for your football club and they haven’t done it yet more. They are not going to get the Champions League, they are not going to get in the top . Where are they going?”

Neville added:”Fans don’t want to visit the games. And that is not simply now. It was the same under David Moyes – which was the director’s fault. Exactly the same under Van Gaal – which was the director’s fault. Mourinho – which was the fault of the manager.

“The whole club needs to re set “

The entire world’s most expensive player when he was bought by United back from Juventus pound & for; 89m in 2016, france’s World Cup-winning Pogba, was left the seat for its third consecutive league match.

But for its next match in a row, on Sunday, he was an unused substitute. So is this the ending of Pogba’s time at Old Trafford?

“I actually don’t believe Pogba comes with a future at the heart,” explained Savage. “The major question would be, who will soon be in United longer? Mourinho or even Pogba?

“United have been humiliated here now and you have got Paul Pogba, who pound & cost;89m, unused on the seat.”

There isn’t any big deal, he has left United before.”

But if he had a far better attitude he’d be a lot better compared to some other midfielder in the Premier League.”


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