Rob Font and spoiler played on Saturday night in Milwaukee because he given a defeat in his return to favorite Sergio Pettis to the bantamweight division.

Font was coming straight back from a tough loss in his final fight to high five ranked fighter Raphael Assuncao so he wished to get back on track and &rsquo.

Font showed off his power and aggressiveness throughout the opening around since Pettis always walked down and throwing Once the fight started started.

The best punch in early part of the struggle was rsquo Font &;s lead jab he popped Pettis at the facial, unable to deal with his opponent & rsquo and continuously tossed out ;s reach.

Late in the round, Pettis strove for a takedown but ended up landing some ground and pound from the very top and then being reversed with Font placing him.

The 2nd round saw more of exactly the same with Font doing more damage and merely absorbing whatever Pettis threw in him returning fire with power.

Font’s lead jab lasted to eat Pettis alive with a mouse forming under his right eye due to a set of hands that are left which were just peppering him long. When Pettis was able to compile a combination Font continue and just took the punches.

Just before time expired in the 2nd, Font landed a submission well with a late kimura attempt but Pettis had been ready to wiggle free.

With a plea from his corner for broke in the final five minutes to go, Pettis tried to come after Font but once again rsquo & his greatest punches apparently didn;t even make the bantamweight blink that was seasoned.

Inturn, Font maintained sticking that jab in Pettis’ face and with each landed, the flyweight saw his mind snap back .

Font additionally managed yet another takedown to get him personally revealing superior strength and plan in the fight that only sealed the deal.

All agreed awarded the decision win with 30-27 scores around the board to Font, As it had been on the judges.

Despite the prominent revealing, Font lamented he wasn’unable to put Pettis off, even though he was pleased with the victory.

“I needed this finish. I want to have that finish,” Font explained.

Font has shrunk back and forth between wins and losses over his past four fights but remains perhaps one of the most exciting fighters in the bantamweight division. He’ll turn to build upon the momentum of rsquo & Saturday night ;s win in his next fight in 20-19.


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