McKenzie was not good enough however, the panel considers he must be a candidate for almost any overall boss opening which pops up in the weeks ahead.

McKenzie’s dismissal may be the latest setback for its team in its own efforts to encourage more teams to employ minority managers. With his death and Ozzie Newsome’s impending death as Baltimore Ravens overall manager, the NFL’s only minority GM is going to soon be Miami‘s Chris Grier. Even the NFL had seven minority overall managers.

This really is an issue that’ll attract criticism and more attention, particularly in the event any minority is lost by the team head coaches, and it is a possibility this offseason.

The livelihood development advisory panel is made up using years of expertise in the game and a wide sphere of influence. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell helped form the board when the league came under criticism because of its lack of diversity in GM and head coach hires.

McKenzie, 55, took more than the Raiders’ GM at 2012 and has been appointed the 2016 NFL executive of the year after the play offs were made by Oakland under the leadership of McKenzie for its time that was .


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