JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In a stretch where little went right, where every fracture apparently went another way, the Washington Redskins finally captured you.

Quarterback Josh Johnson‘s pass floated the field, led toward tragedy and a possible backbreaking interception which would have ended any faint playoff hopes to the Redskins. After which the unusual happened: The ball jumped off the hands of Jacksonville Jaguars security Tashaun Gipson and, as the ball sailed to the ground, was snagged by Redskins recipient Jamison Crowder.

A game that they looked destined to reduce instead ended in a 16-13 triumph thanks to some last-second 36-yard field-goal by Dustin Hopkins. The Redskins hurt, are still trashed and maybe not all that good. They’r e also 7-7 with just two games remaining, which means their playoff heartbeat stays living.

It began by Johnson with a pass under great pressure. The ball went to the center of the field, as he extended where Gipson tipped it; Crowder reached out and left a grab to get a first down at rsquo & the Jaguars; 27-yard line. Crowder may have tipped it. An crime that had no life received a sideline high in players who needed some hope got exactly what they wanted, and a few.

This wasn’Sunday t the only real hint that instills. The Redskins’ winning force was put up with an overthrown Cody Kessler pass which was tipped by recipient Dede Westbrook and intercepted by corner Fabian Moreau.

However, it had been the Crowder drama that injected life in to a team .

The Redskins had lost four straight games and five of six. Saturday, they set their player on injured reserve. They were humiliated at home by 2-4 points vs. the New York Giants. However, the Redskins were still a group. The players repeated that they still had expect. The side, however, has been the healthier side. Some players have bickered on that side of the ball; even more players have appeared off in a negative way.

There are questions about the job security of the coaching staff and associates of their office. It hasn’t even been a happy place.

Therefore when Jacksonville chose a lead Sunday, it had been simple to see where this game was led. The Redskins had played with the game considering Johnson had been their starting quarterback in 2013. But the exceptional teams let a blocked punt and a return to get a touch down.

They needed a boost. Crowder came with you.

The Redskins remain living. If or not they ’r e contenders or not could be debated. They have loads of flaws. They have loads of reasons to doubt themselves. But a tipped pass winds up in the right location.


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