It ended up being a battle befitting of 2 elite fighters who were determined to prove their name belongs to the brief list from the UFC’ deepest branch.

Kevin Lee along with Al Iaquinta both came in to their UFC on FOX 3-1 primary event as champions in five of their past six conflicts, meaning the victor in this bout, the final FOX network fight from the UFC’s seven-year handle the firm, would be well-positioned to get a run toward the name.

Iaquinta was. The Long Islander known as “Raging Al” rallied within the final two rounds after a Lee got a major decision and got off to a fast start. The judges’ scores were a pair of a 49-46 and 48-47s.

“With the ideal preparation, the right fight, I could be at anybody in this branch,&rdquo.

The opening round was conducted with each fighter attempting to feel each other out and not waste energy in a event, in the standup. Both fighters landed notable shots; Iaquinta with Lee along with a back elbow s left eye.

At the second, Lee appeared to possess his rival in a bad way, since he landed elbows and secured his foe and went into his wrestling base. Iaquinta were able to flee. Lee went back into his wrestling in the next and scored with a takedown attempt that ultimate ended in a slam.

But he expended much energy. Iaquinta picked up the pace from the fourth and fourth starting finding a home with well-placed and tactical punches.

Lee initiated an grappling exchange and tried to implement his wrestling, nevertheless he turned up the heat to a foe that was fading when Iaquinta broke free. Iaquinta stalked Lee and had Lee wobbly and acquired jabs and overhands.

Later, he suggested conor-mcgregor would make a good second fight.

“In case Conor wants a rematch against Khabib, he’s gotta go through me.

For his part, Lee (17-4) appeared absolutely astounded by the choice.

“I presumed I set up a great fight,&rdquo. I thought I won the first 3 rounds to get sure. ”

The bout declared rsquo & Iaquinta;s moment victory over Lee.


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